The importance of perfection

This post was going to be edited but I have too many ideas for new posts and too little time!  You can read as is.

Depending on how high the status of the guy is, you will need to aspire to as much 100% perfection as possible in the experience he has with you.  (Experience meaning how you look, how you act, how you are, what you are, etc.)

What this means is things like:

  • Having normal, calm, sane girl reactions to life – not a HINT of sarcasm at all, no putting down others (at least not in an obvious way – more on how to one-up without seeming like you are in another post), and always seeming like you are a cut above all other women (more on how to make yourself “different” in a sea of pretty, well dressed and sweet women in another post as well)
  • Never, ever cutting him down – not even once
  • Always looking good and your best – again, things like undone eyebrows and unwaxed legs are more important depending on how high status/demanding the guy is (a pharmacist might let them go, but a private equity king would probably demand near perfection)
  • Being pleasant to be with – even when you’re fighting
  • Not gaining extra weight!  An extra couple of pounds could be cute for about a week, but not for long term – he WILL get turned off and not be quite sure why (or know why, but not want to be the jerk who left his girl for gaining just a few pounds).  Note:  if you gain weight in the juicy areas and it actually makes you voluptuous, he may enjoy the change for longer than a week – but you better start slimming down ASAP.

I think a few fights and maybe overreactions from you might be OK after some time, but in general you must have PERFECTION.  You can’t mess up even once.

The truth is you probably will mess up once and not realize that your feet smell and remove your socks anyway, etc.  Or you may say something sarcastic after a very stressed day at work, or show a moment of neediness and act weird.  By striving for 100% perfection, the .001% times you mess up will be more easily forgotten.

I made the mistake of being imperfect far too much with a very great guy.  I gained weight and kept it on for a good year.  I didn’t upkeep with my beauty or make-up.  I started being moody and drama queen.  We were established and I would flake on him for stupid reasons (I thought I was doing the Rules to push him to love me even more but in reality, that doesn’t work so well for an Indian situation where you are planning marriage – it seems very indecisive and like you are putting him down).

I also regularly make the mistakes of talking in a bad (unfem) voice, of not doing my hair properly when I go out in public, of not upkeeping with the hair removal, of acting weird and crazy, and ESPECIALLY making weird faces and poses with others.

How to prevent myself from doing these?  There are few steps I know I should take and you can too:

  • Get lots and lots of sleep:  make it a priority to sleep the full time and at regular hours as regularly as possible.  This will keep you balanced.
  • Maintain as regular a schedule as possible:  this includes with your meal times and sizes, sleep schedule, workout schedule, etc.  A regular routine will make life go more smoothly and allow you to keep up with weight loss and keeping yourself rested.  It will also help you to better absorb life’s challenges.  Also include beauty steps in this schedule; Jackie Kennedy Onassis famously said in an application to Vogue that for her, Friday night was beauty night when she would tidy up her loose ends:  hair, nails, hair removal, etc.
  • Always refocus and be in the moment:  be in complete control of yourself at every moment by being in that mental zone which enables this.  For me, this requires a lot of focus and regular meditation to train my mind.  It also requires keeping my schedule as simple as possible so I don’t have a million things on my mind.  This also helps you control what you say and how you act which is so important in order to upkeep the certain image.
  • Be organized and on top of things in your life:  keep your home clean and organized, keep your schedule planned, structure your space so it just flows to a naturally organized and clean state.  This will help you always find the right outfit to wear, all of your important items, and also helps keep your mind clutter free as well.
  • At every and all moments be the dream girl:  whether you are cleaning around your home, doing random errands, working late, going to a scheduled outing or out and about, do all of the above things in terms of control, personality, and looking good.  It needs to be something you do 100% of the time, constantly so that ultimately being a perfect dream girl is just you and you don’t know any other way to be.  Then it goes from being effort to effortless.

It’s very hard to do all of the above, but I’m confident I can.  I just have to focus, focus, focus.  And so do you.


13 Responses to “The importance of perfection”

  1. finefantastic Says:

    Are you serious? This is madness.

    I’d rather be alone than be with some “dream guy” douchebag- devoid of anything “weird and crazy” and bored out of my skull. You’ve just described the seventh layer of hell.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Hi finefantastic,

      Thanks for your comment. (My first one! And my first “critical” one – how exciting. Anyway…)

      Everyone needs to do what’s best for them. If a girl would rather be herself fully, with negativeness/emotionalism/whatever else, and be with a guy who appreciates her for that, that’s great.

      What I was trying to address in the post was that high-status guys seem to be much less forgiving of those traits in the women they will want to marry. It’s harsh, it sounds awful and unfair, but I tend to feel it’s the truth.

      I could be wrong of course… but with my personal experiences and obsevations of very high-status men (Wall Street, Ivy League docs. and lawyers, etc.), their actions (how they act not what they say) seem to indicate so.

      I believe in the idea of results, and I think if someone wants to be with the type of guy I’ve described they might be more successful with what I’ve laid out.

      I’ll do a later post on why any one would want to be with a high-status guy if not for his money/trophy wife status/to show off (small hint: a go-getter who is successful tends to have an awesome personality and has the means to keep you safe and provide for your happiness).

      Thanks again,


      • lovelysexybeauty Says:

        Oh and one last point: one person’s “weird and crazy” is another person’s “cute quirk.” In any case I think it’s better to let the less-than-positive side come out later rather than sooner.

        But to blow all of this away: many emotionally damaged/”quirky” guys fall in love with a woman precisely because she has the same “quirk”/weirdness.

        It’s all very, very twicky…

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  3. finefantastic Says:

    I agree that this will likely keep high status guys. But what is the point of snagging one of them in the long run? You’re ousted as soon as you get old. I guess… alimony.

    Sorry to be critical before, I’ve had a ridiculously stupid week. Hormone overload. I appreciate what you’re trying to do with this blog. I’ll link you up to mine.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      No worries about being critical before. I am trying to learn and improve myself! I don’t know it all and have a lot of ideas I need to test out… so it’s wonderful to hear alternative viewpoints and ideas.

      About a high status guy ideally he would be all that AND have a good character and old-fashioned values (the “marriage is forever” kind). Those types of guys are extremely rare, but they do exist. I’ll have to dig up an article from a while ago which talked about Bankers for Christ or something like that…

      A dilemma is: is it worth marrying a hot rich fun guy even if he’ll eventually leave you? As in, have a great time while you’re with him but know that this too shall end? With pre-nups nowadays, a girl might not get all that much alimony… I think the good times when you’re with him and the social capital you’ll build (when you get to know the richer set) might be more valuable.

      Love AND money AND looks AND good personality – if only we could have it all 🙂

  4. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    And by the way, thanks so much for linking your blog to mine! Yay… it would be great if more people start commenting instead of just reading soon. I really want to hear people blast away my ideas (or give me new ones, hehe). UPDATE: If no one cares to comment for whatever reason though, that’s OK too.

    Hope this week is going better… by the way AMAZING artwork, you have a gift woman!

    ❤ LSB

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  10. Shilpa the Sherpa Says:

    I can’t believe that a Desi American woman is writing this stuff/fluff.

    Since when are Desi women concerned about being “dream girls” for any guy? It’s hard enough to escape from the backwards, medieval mentality we have to face in India, but here we see you trying to buy into these old-fashioned, out-dated ideals that being recycled in the USA due to the reaction of the Mens Rights Movement/Backlash.

    I can’t believe. Women are FREE of the pressure of being “perfect 10s” all the time now. And nobody is or ever was perfect anyway.

    Human relations are very simple: simple treat people how they treat you.


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