Don’t Listen to What Guys Say, Watch How They Act (Part 1): when you gain a little weight

Men and women are different.
Men and women usually have different communication styles.
Men and women usually see things from different frames of mind.

Interesting observation from the past few weeks. I recently lost some weight, and am feeling pretty good about my hotter body.

A while ago when I brought up how I was reforming my diet and lifestyle to try to lose weight, the feedback I got from most guys was:

“What? You look great, you don’t need to lose weight.”
“I think you’re hot the way you are.”
“You don’t need to do it.”

So they said. Well here I am 5-10 lbs. lighter, which is a noticeable difference since I was already on the slim side.

What the actions said

Now the Guy can’t keep his hands off me. He can’t stop telling me how great I look. I catch him checking me out all the time. I don’t think has so much to do with us getting closer all of a sudden. I think he is just more tempted by my flesh.

A similar thing happened some years ago with someone else. I had put on a little bit of weight, and was stressing about it. That one kept on telling me that no, I looked great and that I wasn’t overweight. But the actions told a different story as well. He wasn’t holding my waist, trying to rest his hand on my hip or just caressing my shapely bits as much. Then I lost the extra 10 lbs, and magically he was back to taking every opportunity to caress me.

Some people might say there were other things going on with these guys that led to them being more “affectionate.” I don’t think it’s that complicated: the hotter I look, the more they want to touch me and caress me.

Why did they say that then?

I don’t know if these guys were being politically correct, or if they truly believed I was fine the way I was.  I tend to think most men just can’t tell how small changes can really alter a girl’s look, and make her even hotter.  Maybe these guys were mentally settling for what they thought was the best I could look.

Imagine if I had taken what they told at literal face value, and stayed at my old weight.  Sure, it’s only 10 lbs. or so but even THAT amount can make all the difference between attractive and hot, and hot and super-hot.

8 Responses to “Don’t Listen to What Guys Say, Watch How They Act (Part 1): when you gain a little weight”

  1. RJS Says:

    As a woman, it’s important for you not to get fat as you get older.

    As a man, I can tell you that if a girl asks me about her weight, I will lie 100% of the time if she is over a tolerable limit. If she gets too big, we break up. If she’s within an acceptable range, I will tell her she’s fine. Even if I think she could shed a few pounds, I will not say so, because she will become a bitch. Though I may insinuate things, like “Let’s go for a run,” or something like that. If she is not within an acceptable range, I will still tell her she is fine, but will withdraw my love and seek out a younger and hotter girl.

    Sorry, that’s just how it is. Nice blog.

  2. Alex Says:

    Miss Beauty,

    The previous poster mostly hit the nail on the head. No man who wants to screw you is going to tell you that you need to lose a few pounds. They will not tell you the truth. Reply to my email and I can give you an honest evaluation.

  3. LILGRL Says:

    LSB —

    Hey, wanted to comment on some things you said at Roissy — is there an email address I can reach you at?


    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Hi Lil Girl –

      It’s b e a u t y s e x y l o v e l y @ gmail (no spaces of course)

      How does having my e-mail address help by the way? Is that so I know that you commented back at me?

  4. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    RJS, Alex – thanks for the comments. Great to get some back-up that most guys won’t tell a girl his ideas for how she could look better, assuming she still looks fairly attractive. Or that most guys will just give up on her and move on.

  5. Feminine Enchantment Says:

    I love your blog! I agree that 10 pounds makes a huge difference between hot and super hot. I knew my fiance loved me when I was going through a rough time and weight almost 200 pounds. I am 5’10” and carry it well and maintain a perfect waist to hip ratio but still.

    Now that I have dropped 25 pounds, I feel more like my beautiful self. I can see it in the face– especially the cheek bones. I go from pretty to stunning with jsut weight loss and good grooming.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Thanks! Like your blog as well, it reminds me of this book “Technique of the Love Affair” I read in terms of its gentle tone. 🙂

      Congrats on the weight loss! Sounds you feel better about how look, and I’m sure it’s good for your health too. And sounds like you have a good and supportive guy, I hope he’s enjoying seeing his fiance go from hot to super hot 🙂

  6. ec Says:

    They’re being polite, and I’m sure they also thought you looked great as is. They maybe even also thought the 5-10 lbs would make you even hotter.


    Most guys know that when it comes to questions girls ask about themselves – weight/appearance especially – the questions are not really the objective questions that they seem; the girls are usually really fishing for compliments.

    Be honest, what would your reaction be if one had said “yeah, that’s a great idea, you really could stand to lose a few pounds”? Uh huh. That’s why RJS says “Even if I think she could shed a few pounds, I will not say so, because she will become a bitch.”

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