Hot B-tch Inspiration: learning from a top tier girl

A girl I know (who I wish I was better friends with!) has one of the most amazing figures I’ve seen.

She is slim and tiny, probably a size 0 or 2, but soft as well. And she’s quite tall but not at model scale.

Her figure is curved and this girl is also blessed to not be flat – she has some nice little mangoes to fill out that top.

She looks 100% like a model.  She is easily among the top 3 hottest girls in the club based on raw body shape, looks and subtle sexiness.  And in every day life she is absolutely striking.  I’m not sure why she didn’t try to go into the entertainment industry… it might have to do with her man and his influence.

This girl is also the type of girl I would describe as a Hot B*tch.
Hot B*tches are what I would describe as very pretty, sexy and fashionable girls who are very to the point and take “acting right” very seriously.

These girls are perfect to the point of perfectionism: they eat just the right amount, they work out enough to stay hot, they always are well dressed, they just flow through conversations, they have perfectly maintained homes, they are on top of their errands and responsibilities, and everything they do is just right – these girls are in complete control.

Most Hot B*tches I’ve seen get in a relationship and then marriage fairly quickly. I think the supreme self-conscious and self-aware manner in which they are in control and logical makes them less prone to getting lazy or being needy.

From what I’ve seen girls who can be in a constant state of perfection with a man (externally and internally) will tend to get the guy to fall on love quick.

I was stalking her on Facebook… and was surprised by some of what I learned:

  • In college she was skinny but not Victorias Secret model skinny and hot like now
  • She doesn’t have a lot of friends she hangs out with a lot, although the ones she does hang out with are pretty “elite” (good looking, socialites, etc)
  • She may have had very minor plastic surgery on her nose – it is so good I never realized except for a couple of photos and looking at the rest ofher family
  • The guy she is with, although rich and successful, is a nerd! I wonder if he is attracted to her elite coolness an ability to hang out with what corresponds to the post-HS/college “popular crowd”
  • Although a fairly strong b*tchy girl, with her man she is pretty mushy and even shows a lot of sensitivity
  • She became more open about the mushiness after hour proposed (I’ve seen most smart girls do this)
  • Her hotness+mushiness/vulnerability worked so well that her man is ok with her being a housewife after marriage – I guess the b*tch snob act is more of a public thing
  • She works very, very hard to look the way she does
I am trying to copy her workout plan and attitude towards how I look, because I really was inspired.

She works out 2 hours at a time! And pushes herself to the limit when she does.  She works out to the point of exhaustion… and to the point of sometimes getting minor injuries.  She works through the pain.

She spends lots of money on regular hair straightening. I think she may even get lash extensions and lip injections too.

She doesn’t let haters get to her when they say she is too skinny.  I remember when we all went out to HH once, she had like 2 chips with salsa and when someone asked her why she wasn’t eating she snapped, “oh do you want these chips here take then.”. Go girl… Looking hot is more important.

She got laser hair removal everywhere… I’m sure she planned it out in order to manage the growth phase.

Her major free time activities are working out, shopping for clothes, avoiding eating, sleeping and beautifying herself.

When talking to her you feel like you are on your guard… she listens so intently and like she’s sort of evaluating you… but not in a bad way, like in a way that pushes you to be Miss Coolness.

All this got her a rich and successful guy who is happy to let her stay at home after marriage. And he seems happy too, she looks like she stepped out of one of his video games, she is that hot.

One thing she mentioned about working out (she does races) is about beating her lazy mind.

I am going to remember this every time I am tempted to skip my workout, zone out with TV instead of doing a pedicure, eat the whole chocolate cake slice instead of half of it, sleep an extra 30 minutes instead of doing my hair perfectly for work, shave instead of wax, and that other stuff.
With this… I declare this the start to

I am going to spend the next 4 weeks on everything possible to take my looks to the next level!  I’m so excited… it’s gonna be awesome 🙂

13 Responses to “Hot B-tch Inspiration: learning from a top tier girl”

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  2. ec Says:

    although the ones she does hang out with are pretty “elite” (good looking, socialites, etc)

    This is the reason she “works very, very hard to look the way she does”. Indeed, another woman has noticed and ranked her “easily among the top 3 hottest girls in the club”. 😉

    pushes herself to the limit when she does. She works out to the point of exhaustion

    Exactly. This is the little secret on how to actually get results from working out. Most people work moderately hard for a little while, then congratulate themselves on their efforts (or become burned out by them) but wonder why it doesn’t seem to be giving the results they expected. Intensity is the most important variable. (end soapbox…)

  3. Bhetti Says:

    Be healthy and you will look, act and feel “hot”. As well as maintain your fertility.

    She doesn’t let haters get to her when they say she is too skinny. I remember when we all went out to HH once, she had like 2 chips with salsa and when someone asked her why she wasn’t eating she snapped, “oh do you want these chips here take then.”. Go girl… Looking hot is more important.
    If they’re actually wrong, okay. But being physically hot is not more important than having a little fun while young (not a lot. as in the occasional treat if you want one while being healthy in general. Balance of happiness.) and not persecuting people for being people. I think it’s part of the beauty of the feminine soul to be generous and to attempt not to snap on small things.

  4. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    ec – being able to push yourself to really work hard to the point of exhaustion is a mental game, and helps me understand why people who do marathons and triathalons see it as such a big triumph. Mentally it’s hard to not only discipline yourself to stick to schedule, but to also overcome your lazy body that gets tired.

    Bhetti – she snapped but it wasn’t in the sort of way that stopped forks in the air with its harshness. It was a soft sort of snapping… also interesting to bring up fertility, I bet by focusing on that all the rest would also come.

  5. Curvy Curly Says:

    “Her major free time activities are working out, shopping for clothes, avoiding eating, sleeping and beautifying herself.”………….

    So basically she’s shallow and lacks substance.

    Another air/space waster.


    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      That’s pretty mean and judgmental… you really think some human beings are “air/space wasters?” Someone who is someone’s daughter/son, sister/brother, wife/husband, colleague, friend, future mother/father… if this is what you really think, then this blog may be a place you’ll find nothing of use to you. I value each human life, not despise some that I think are not “worth it.” So shooo, away now

  6. Culturephile/Curvy Curly Says:

    I’m also a new-ager of South Asian religion. I value ALL life forms, not just the human one. However, not all humans are equally valuable to society.

    This woman that you are glorifying does not work to support herself, she is a financial burden on her husband, unless she provides him with something of value like good food.

    She is also wasting her brain capacity by pre-occupying her valuable “spare time” (which she obviously has a lot of) with shallow and external concerns.

    The reality is that the body is temporary and on the decline from the moment of conception, really. Her looks will fade. When they do, she had better have something more to offer herself, her husband and the world.

    Better to utilize our time cultivating ethics and intellect. Doing volunteer work to help those less fortunate than ourselves, is a good place to start. Getting a constructive and meaningful hobby (if one refuses to work), etc.

    Spending all our time on something has fleeting as material beauty is not the proper utilization of the rare human form of life.

    Hence, a waste.

    Don’t you agree?

  7. Culturephile Says:

    You can delete all the comments you want, LSB. Fact remains, you and this woman you glorify better find some means of contributing value to humanity at large because very shortly you will start to age quickly, your looks will fade, and then you might regret not having cultivated inner beauty instead.

    The fact of life can be hard.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      I’m selfish, this blog is for me to focus on what interests me. If you disagree with my views, why are you here again and again? These will be my final thoughts on this matter… .

      My outlet for considering the deeper questions of life like… what is worthwhile for me to do with my time, why is there suffering, the duality and temporary nature of pleasure and happiness, why do bad things happen to good people, etc. is just not something I want to use this blog as outlet for. This blog is purely directed at love, beauty, and fun stuff (and a little venting). My goal is to get married, and to be in reality about the fact the world is very much subject to certain realities and to come to peace with them – while maximizing my own happiness.

      I used to be like you… believe I could be above it all with an intellectual and subjective view. But over time I realized that humans are animals in a way as well… we also have this drive within us to reproduce, to propagate our genes, and to make ourselves as attractive as possible with the most genetically worthy member of the opposite gender. And somehow following these principles strangely gives one peace… I’ve never been a very boy crazy girl, but being with a guy who is masculine somehow completes me and gives me happiness. And it’s so simple…

      Also….do you think a poor immigrant from the Mexican interior who works as a janitor has no inner peace or beauty? Do you think someone with mild autism or even very low intelligence is worthless, and should just give up because he/she can never achieve some sort of lofty mind goals you are seeking?

      All religions have several paths to peace and/or union with the divine. Good action, good work, or cultivation of intelligence are just a few. God does not judge what “good work” is; by working hard at your duty, whatever that is, you will achieve inner peace.

      If someone finds zen by making herself the most beautiful, pleasant, and in flow person possible, who is anyone except God to judge whether she has done right or not? Don’t we see people who have spent their entire lives directly worshipping the Lord or studying deep philosophical questions who are not at peace inside? And people who are completely simple, perhaps farmers perhaps bartenders, who are at peace and perhaps understand so much?

  8. Culturephile Says:

    “Also….do you think a poor immigrant from the Mexican interior who works as a janitor has no inner peace or beauty?”……………

    She has waaaaaaay more peace and inner beauty than the unproductive gym rat/self-absorbed-barbie you are idolizing! That is my point! Thankyou for helping me make it.

    ” being with a guy who is masculine somehow completes me ”

    ……………….so you’re saying you are not “complete”? God’s creation is not perfect?

    Nobody “completes” us. This is part of the romantic lie and mythology of the West right now – the “soulmate” promise. What nonsense! People are throwing away their lives on this myth only to meet with disappointment and divorce.

    I’ve nothing against fitness or looking good. Cleanliness and healthy living are next to godliness. But everything in balance.

    • Say no to fat Says:

      Culturephile / Curvy Curly,
      I have read two articles on this blog and on both of them you are a disgustingly judgemental and annoying person on here. If she wants to blog about what she likes and you don’t agree with it do one of two things:
      1. Shut up and accept that no one on here is trying to please you, k? Thanks.
      2. Leave the blog!!!
      On with my reply, calling someone a waste of space then later saying all of God’s creations are perfect contradicts yourself. Stick to one point at a time dear, judging some girl you know nothing about yourself makes you sound like you have no “inner peace” lol when I hear you say she should volunteer or do less shallow things it makes me laugh because I’d really like to know who the fuck you think you are? Who are you to tell someone what they should do with their time and money? How on earth do you think it’s okay to say she is just a financial burden on her husband? If he loves her then she is not a burden to him at all. Got it? If anyone is a waste of space, it’s people like you. Cynical, judgmental, fat (it’s proven you fat assets take up more space and oxygen than us skinnier people), tries-to-shove-your-opinion-down-everyone’s-throats, irritating and bossy people that we do not need here. Keep your lard filled mouth closed!
      P.s. Good food is less of a value than good looks are to husbands. Offering good food is just as materialistic as offering good looks, at least good looks will keep him stimulated! Not that you’d know much about that….haha of course the fatty would say good food is uber valuable! Thanks for making me laugh today

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  10. Myrle Magill Says:

    how to last longer your first time in bed

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