Skinny Makes You Pretty All Over: not just tummy, hips and thighs

A post about East Asian women which happened around the time I had my own experience with some Asian friends brought me to buying this book:  Sex Secrets of an American Geisha.

I flipped through the book on Amazon, and it didn’t seem like it was all about tricks for the bedroom but had advice on how to look better, how to act feminine, how to enchant a man, and how to go from going out to getting married.

“The Asian Geisha works consciously at always becoming more beautiful, more sexy, and more feminine, even if only by implementing the tiniest of changes.  She makes enhancing her appearance and mannerisms a high priority so that she may continue to be thought of as attractive…

If she rests on her laurels and fails to maintain and improve her attractiveness, perhaps a younger, prettier apprentice geisha will steal her clients and also attract other gentlemen…beauty and a sexy femininity (as well as entertainment and conversational skills) are critically important to each geisha’s success.

…the world of the American Geisha is also extremely competitive, especially when you desire love and marriage with a (relatively rare) Good Man.”

Two big sections of the book cover weight loss and being skinny.  There were a few things which stood out to me in these sections:

  • Being skinny doesn’t just make you get rid of fat rolls and smooth out your contours.  It makes you prettier from tips to toes!  This was a great list to look at to remind myself how important it is to stay skinny mini, and get even skinnier!  A great chart from the book:


  • I also liked the section on common challenges many girls face when trying to find a man, from how to make time to how to spend money for beauty improvements!  Some of the author’s suggestions:
  • “To save time:  Get a less-demanding job; Spend less time cooking and eating; Spend less time on dates with inappropriate men; Spend less time on the phone
  • To save or make money: Get a smaller, cheaper apartment (Your Good Man cares not at all that you might live in a two-bedroom apartment rather than in a one-bedroom or studio apartment. And he doesn’t care what your job is either, even if you do care what his is.); Buy less food (note from LSB: sometimes those inappropriate men can cover this… hm so tradeoff between money or time… lol); Don’t vacation
  • To spend time and money on your highest priorities (note from LSB: in the book she talks about making your beauty a #1 priority, no compromise): Exercise; Have skin treatments; Wake up ten minutes earlier to style your hair; Pick a night to stay in,do your nails, and apply a mud mask; Plan and keep daily charts; Spend time every day accessorizing your outfit; Sleep enough; Take one tiny step each day toward becoming more beautiful; Become more feminine each day; Experiment with dressing more sexily”

I hope you enjoyed the above!  I found the book useful and interesting, and if you’re interested in more check out the book.  As I reference it, I may post some more of my favorite sections (for my benefit as well as anyone else’s!).


LSB daily beauty summary (it’s day 1 of week 1!):

  • Workout: walked 5 miles RT to salon (couldn’t do more intense workout since it would mess up my hair), walked up and down stairs, did a few squats.  Will do better with toning tomorrow
  • Eating: green tea with splenda, 2 cups mexican corn soup with olives and 2 string cheeses, 1/2 cup homemade hot cocoa with splenda and pure cocoa powder, couple handful of nuts, bites out of a tricolore salad (rest for lunch tomorrow!), bread roll with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, 2 cupcakes (halfway through the first I was done but donno why I kept on going 😦 I shouldn’t have bought them!).  I will do better tomorrow!  No more overeating… gotta conquer this lazy mind and tummy
  • Other beauty: got eyebrows done and wasn’t shy to demand the better person do it (gotta stay on top of this!), got cream for my KP skin bumps…just figured out that’s what I have… and it’s totally treatable yayyyy
  • Fashion: ordered some hot shoes online that have just a bit of heel… fingers crossed they are sexy in real life too, bought a sexy animal print skirt for work…not sure if i’ll keep it but it just screamed subtle animal sexiness at me so will see if i can put an outfit together

12 Responses to “Skinny Makes You Pretty All Over: not just tummy, hips and thighs”

  1. RJS Says:

    I think you would like this article on French women.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Thank you! I really like articles like this, and that was an interesting read. Savoring the sensual pleasures of life makes one a sensual person for sure…! 🙂 And also makes life fun.

  2. Curvy Curly Says:

    LSB, Geishas were prostitutes. Basically this book is teaching you how to be a ho?!?!

    Anyway, as an Asian (South Asian variety) yourself, perhaps you should be offended with this politically incorrect “exotification” of Asian people and the “mysterious Orient”.

    Read Edward Said.

    Anyway, skinny is a word that means “skin and bones”. And no, men do NOT find skin and bones attractive.

    The list advises us to get so thin that our rib cage shows? And that is supposed to be “sexy”? In which culture?

    And this; “Being skinny doesn’t just make you get rid of fat rolls and smooth out your contours. ”

    Why in the world would I want to “smooth out” my contours/curves? I am a woman, I want to emphasize them!

    Another thing, Geishas were EAST Asian women, they tend to be the smallest women on the planet (think bodies similar to 12 year old American boys).

    South Asian women like you are built differently and South Asian women tend to have more curves.

    And notice that nowhere in the list was “buttocks” mentioned. It is universally known that East Asian women have no ass. That’s one reason why they are not generally considered attractive by sexy black men and other men who like booty (most dudes I know, regardless of background).

    If you want to be sexier, going native in this manner is NOT advisable.

    Think Beyonce, not Lu Min.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      For someone familiar with Said, painting geishas as simple “prostitutes” is quite a broad characterization. I think they’re more akin to courtesans from Renaissance Europe, or even concubines from even prior to that. These women were often allowed to pursue a greater education than more socially accepted women of their time were, who had the freedom to more socially unacceptable things because they were not bound the social code other women were, who were accepted as an important part of society (although with the double edged sword of being scorned), and who were in many ways fairly empowered.

      Also, the hip-waist ratio I think trumps all other measurements if you want to get scientific about what’s considered attractive about a body.

      Keep on reading my other posts… my thoughts on my ideal body shape will be more apparent (I think you’ve misinterpreted me completely).

  3. Culturephile Says:

    An educated ho is still a ho, Sweetie. Mind you, I have nothing particularly against ho’s and am for equal rights for all. Ho’s are people too. They are moms and daughters just like the rest of us. Some of them were forced into the profession, others entered by choice. Geishas/courteseans/concubines are no exception. We tend to romanticize the past, but a ho is a ho.

  4. Culturephile/Curvy Curly Says:

    Like I said, educated or not, a ho is a ho. A geisha is a geisha. A courtesan is a courtesan. Don’t romanticize the past. It was a hard life and one few women would choose.

  5. Brittany Murphy RIP: Victim of Pretty at Any Cost? « LovelySexyBeauty: adventures in love, enchantment, & beauty Says:

    […] It may come out that cause of her death had something to do with how she was maintained her skinny mini figure.  Sadly, I think she is an example of how being thin will make you look prettier in your body and face. […]

  6. Say no to fat Says:

    Ew who wants a black man to find them attractive anyways? They get disgusting when they hit on women and most black men will treat you like a Ho!!! So you can say a ho is a oh and I don’t want to romanticize a prostitute, but when you find a “sexy black man” who likes your fat rolls……you will be a ho to him Sweetie. And btw a Geisha was most likely not trying to live in the ghetto, so why try and attract a black man with fat rolls? You can go ahead and keep your fat dear, I’ll even give you mine if you’d like, have fun being some “sexy” mans hoe! Because most men that like fat live in projects or trailers.

    • yo black nemesis Says:

      Racist piece of shit. I bet you are some demented, egotistical, bulimic,skinny fat,frat girl who exists for the blonde hair bitch. Stupid asshole. A black guy gone talk to your sorry as in your wildest dreams

  7. Saysnotoignorance Says:

    They get disgusting when they hit on women? You sound disgusting and juvenile. There are many white men who like big girls. Just open your eyes.

    Believe me not all men want stick thin women. I am thin myself but I take no offense to that. To each it’s own. They live in all places, not just ghettos or trailer parks. You’re so ignorant. Educate yourself.

  8. Mario Says:

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  9. Kylee Dreiling Says:

    Hullo?! Umm. Skinny, mini, then even skinnier?? By then, youll be a skeleton!its scientifically proven that men gravitate towards women that have healthy curves! Stop telling people this crap. It lowers self esteem!😏 thanks for reading this. Sorry for any offense/rudness taken. Just giving honest fact and opinion.

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