Different Ideals of Booty

Happy Halloween!

An issue of New Beauty magazine described how the perfect b*tt is defined by some different cultures:

Miss New Beauty

click to view full size

  • African-American: Maximally full in all areas, including the sides of the buttocks and outer thighs
  • Asian: Small yet shapely buttocks; creating the illusion of longer legs
  • Caucasian “Athletic”: Small, yet shapely; short vertically; moderate fullness in the upper and middle thirds; flatness in the sides and buttocks
  • Caucasian “Voluptuous”: Fullness in the middle half of the buttocks; rounded or flat sides of the buttocks
  • Hispanic: Fullness in the entire buttocks, including the sides and a little roundness in the outer thighs

Hm… so how can girl achieve the one she likes best? 🙂

Enjoy the skintight and skin-show costumes today… hope you get a bite of something good. 😉

xoxo LSB

Trashy Lingerie

"This blood sucker will suction her lips to your neck until you are under her spell...'I vant to suck your bone�I mean blood!' "

One Response to “Different Ideals of Booty”

  1. Alex Says:

    So what kind of butt does LovelySexyBeauty have?

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