Under strict orders to stay away…

So the special someone in my life has given me strict orders to spend as much time as possible AWAY from the Internet.  He feels I need to stop paying attention to what a bunch of random strangers online say.  Yup, he’s a smart and sensible one 🙂

I’ve been neglecting my offline “real” life a bit too much; I sneak looks at different blogs on my mobile device all the time, spend way too much time replying to different points online that seem mostly unread, etc.

Worst of all, sometimes I let the emotionality (rage, anger, argumentativeness, straight up hate, weirdness, etc.) of others get to me. I soak it up and haven’t gotten strong enough yet to maintain my own mental state with even mass hatred.  I used to just walk away… what’s up with me now? lol

Although He was proud of me to be a blogger in the first place :-), he is right.  I need to get balanced again!

Depending on the source, what I’m reading online is almost completely 100% different from what I’m experience in real life.  So is it even worth it to read all the stuff online?

I’ve felt like I’ve sort of “graduated” in the school of seduction arts for girls, in some ways.  I’m getting what I want out of life, and am pretty happy that I have enough knowledge to keep on doing OK in the future.

Why I Blog

My original goals were:

  1. Capture the random insights I have had as semi-coherently as possible by writing them down.
  2. Be able to use those random insights from the past when I forget what I learned, and need a refresher.
  3. Get some other perspectives on those insights.
  4. Perhaps even help some other girls who are going through similar things out there.
  5. Above all, learn how to improve myself in every way as a woman and human being.

I’m pretty satisfied with my personal goals at this point.  It was all about me and I didn’t care much about what others thought.

But with the group blog, things changed a bit and some new goals came into the mix:

  1. Work on my writing skills; learn to try and be engaging and write to a diverse audience.
  2. Provide counterpoints or other items of consideration to the different views I’ve read some people provide.
  3. Share what I feel will help men and women simply be happy and at peace, particularly when it comes to their love lives.

I’m spending too much time trying to defend myself rather than simply figure out what works for me.

So I’m going to try as hard as I can to avoid the R*issys, R*oshs, Obs*dians, Sp*arheads, comments on G*rlGame, etc. for a while as I sort through all this.  And start living a more fun offline life.

Hope you wish me luck 🙂

xoxo LSB

4 Responses to “Under strict orders to stay away…”

  1. chic noir Says:

    Well, you’ll be missed sweetie. Don’t stay away for too long, otherwise femx or lady raine will take your man.

    Since you’re in to being girly, may I give you a few blogs to look at while you’re away.

    http://www.garancedore.fr/en/ – is an ultra feminine street style blog that i think you will enjoy. Look at for style inspiration.

    http://seaofshoes.typepad.com/ – fem blog by a woman who loves shoes.

    http://alltheprettybirds.blogspot.com/ – street style Italy

    http://glamourparaguaio.wordpress.com/ – glamour from Italy.

    http://audreyhepburncomplex.tumblr.com/ – just soft sweet photos

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Aw thanks sweetie! Nice links, I’ll have to check them out. I’ll still be around, just not as much as I have been lately.

      xoxo LSB

  2. chic noir Says:

    LSB, I just sent you a comment but it went to spam I guess.

  3. Some of My Favorite Posts of 2008 « LovelySexyBeauty: adventures in love, enchantment, & beauty Says:

    […] I am one year less young (boo hoo ), and maybe a bit more weary from some of the rougher bumps following this path… yet I am more at peace, feel more in control of what happens in my life, and less confused […]

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