Brittany Murphy RIP: Victim of Pretty at Any Price?

Brittany Murphy died at a tragically young age this weekend.

I like many girls remember watching Clueless as a kid and loving it. I thought everyone was so cool and pretty; Alicia Silverstone as Cher was so charming with her fashionably-attired naivete. Brittany Murphy was the average (or below-average) chubby chick that Cher and crew decide to make over.

I’d say she was a nice and average 4 on the beauty scale initially:

It's clear who looked hot and not in this picture.

"Ugly" Interrupted

Years later when Brittany Murphy came backon the scene, it was shocking to see the transformation. She became hot!  She shrunk to cute and petite size!  How?

I’d say she ended up looking somewhere between a 7 and 8 later on – a whopping jump of 3 to 4 points on the hotness scale:

Wow, as a blonde...!

At a transition point

With dark hair

It may come out that cause of her death had something to do with how she was maintained her skinny mini figure.  Sadly, I think she is an example of how being thin will make you look prettier in your body and face.  (Some minor tweaks can help too – was it obvious that she had plastic surgery?)

You can see how not only her body but her face transformed.  Her features are more chiseled, yet delicate  Her eyes pop more without big fat chipmunk cheeks in the way.

There are rumors that she modified her hair and make-up to her advantage:  a better hair color, cuter cut, and false eyelashes to emphasize the doe look.

See the difference?

Bad photo but you can see the overdone work (lips) and subtle (nose)

She looks petite and delicate like a moonpie, or a moppet.

This is how a girl goes from not to hot. If you hear what some guys say about her, most found her very do-able.

She is an example of how being skinny can completely transform a girl into being pretty – and getting a few extra tweaks can push her even further. She is an example of a girl who jumped SEVERAL POINTS on the hotness scale.

She didn’t accept where destiny was pushing her – into being a below-average chick.  She wanted more.

It takes serious motivation to transform like this, particularly physically.  Some may say going from eating a lot to near-starvation takes nothing less than chemical intervention.  Going down this path can be very, very dangerous; but when you see the physical results like above, it’s hard to come up with a reason extreme measures might not be OK if you don’t go too far in harming your health with them.

Sadly, this doesn’t turn me off in a way… let’s see if I can reduce my caloric intake and up my workout even more. 😦

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6 Responses to “Brittany Murphy RIP: Victim of Pretty at Any Price?”

  1. Aldonza Says:

    Um, did you just post a tribute to justifying death by thinness? Be very careful when you choose actresses and models as your thinspiration. They spend a good portion of their time and energy on their looks and don’t hesitate to do things like plastic surgery. Also, most of the pix you see of them are substantially retouched.

  2. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I’m still thinking through all this, but I think Brittany Murphy was an example of someone who was perhaps too in tune to “Survival of the Prettiest”instince.

    Female pecking order, as determined by male desirability (rather than interpersonal female dynamics), is usually driven by hotness, with beauty as a near proximation. So the desire to uplife one’s hotness ranking can be very, very strong – yes, even to the extent of bodily harm upto death.

    The desire to be THE hottest chick, with her pick of all the guys, can push a girl to go further and further…

    Extreme forms of anorexia certainly involve some sort of body dysmorphism (e.g, a girl is really skinny but think she’s fat, and gets ugly skinny). But the secret no one likes to talk about are the women who have mild forms of ana and mia and look great and stay healthy . (Studies have even shown that low-caloric diets improve life expectancy – yet you don’t hear those people connecting that to how ana is OK in moderation).

    I suspect the Megan Foxes, Jessica Albas, Angelina Jolie’s and even Beyonce’s of the world work very, very hard to stay in the shape they want – sometimes that involves eating very, very little.

    And yup, plastic surgery is another tool in the race to be hottest – Brittany Murphy as mentioned above did it, along with Megan Fox, Britney Spears, along with many every day girls get work done for that extra edge. And it worked, no?

    In the race for commitment from the top guys, most girls realize looks is the #1 criterion to just get looked at as potential in the first place. Each point on the looks scale is an additional % of guys who will consider her as wife-material.

    As for photo touch-ups, most of the photos above are untouched candids or still from her movies. I thnk she actually looks better in untouched photos than the touched-up ones. I recommend all girls take inspiration from the hot girls they see in real life – at the club, in the rich area in town, on the runway, as cheerleaders, etc.

  3. Rake Says:

    I’ve never heard that it’s possible to have mild forms of ana and mia. If so, you could be right.

    Calorie restriction is interesting. If you think about it, it makes sense that evolution would push us in the direction of wanting more calories than is truly optimal.

    I have no problem with women investing in plastic surgery. Given that women are judged on their looks to such an extent, I think it’s a very, very good idea for most women to invest in getting some minor things taken care of to make themselves prettier. However, I’m less enthusiastic about major procedures. Boob jobs are usually unnecessary as well.

    About your workout: take a look at Crossfit – at least do the research. I started up at a Crossfit gym about a month ago and it’s awesome. Most of the clients there are women too.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:


      Hi Rake,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I need to look more into what makes something anorexia or bulimia; does it necessitate health problems? Or just an obsessiveness with being thing. What does caloric restriction really mean? Good point about it seeming that evolution would push us towards more, not less…

      I agree about minor vs. major plastic surgery. If it makes someone feel better, why not? But I think it’s better for everyone to try to look the best THEY can. No new nose, just a better version of what you have, etc. With breast enlargement, I’m waiting for the day that they are able to do fat transfer (take your own fat and move it there). I think they are researching this now… it’s more natural I think.

      I am really into interval training and minor weight lifting actually, maybe I’ll check out crossfit too. I think I heard about that… it’s combine cardio with weights if I recall. I tried it once (if it’s that), and it kicked my booty! I wasn’t able to work out for two days recovering… I also didn’t have protein after the workout which I’m sure prolonged recovery.

  4. ipp Says:

    The Clueless tv series was better. The main actress was even cuter than Sliver-whatherface.

  5. cindy Says:

    I think the nosejob helped, not losing weight. She was already skinny to begin with, which you can see in the picture where she’s in a bathing suit.

    She looked too skinny (yes, there is such a thing) and like she’d had too much work done later on anyway. And yes there is such a thing as too skinny… you are so messed up in the head LSB, and this post is just another example. I seriously think you need therapy for your perfectionist/anorexic tendencies and how you inflate that with morality.

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