Average Girls, Even If Rich and Educated, Often Don’t Stand a Chance: White House Budget Directo-Pimp, Beautiful Babette, and a Loserette plus Baby

I remember walking into the Concierge/Club Lounge of the hotel I was staying at a year ago, sleepy and bleary-eyed.  I looked up at the blasting TV which was tuned to Good Morning America.

I perked up seeing the reporter on screen… what a gorgeous babette! OMG!  She reminded me of a European Aishwarya Rai…

I was astounded that someone that charismatically gorgeous was doing such an average show… shouldn’t she be the next Maria Bartiromo?  In fact, why is she working at all?  She must have a really great work ethic to not just capitalize on her looks and marry Alpha.

Well looks like babette was busy with other things… what a scandal:

White House budget director’s love child – who knew?

Beautiful and intelligent financial journalist or heiress-rich Harvard MBA… mm… yeah I think I know who I’d pick if I were an Exeter-Princeton-LSE guy working in the White House too.  The man has GAME.

Obama’s Budget Guy Has Child With Ex-Girlfriend

***Obama’s budget guy discloses child with ex-girlfriend, week after engagement to someone else.***

Heyyy this Orszag guy looks really nice in that tie… so “Harry Potter grown up and working as a banker” types… mm….


Wait, there’s more… he was MARRIED BEFORE.  Yes, this guy is a pimp.   He grabbed probably one of the top hottest all-around babettes who is ethnically Jewish, which makes this even more of a social coup d’etat.  He grabbed a topper girl within a community that has many stellar guys, who can have their pick of the best (the Emanuel brothers, anyone?). He beat them all out.

May the Force be with Orszag

On Dec. 28, the New York Times politics blog had a charming account of the engagement of White House Budget Director Peter R. Orszag, 41, to ABC News business and financial news correspondent Bianna Golodryga, 31. The couple met last May at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Orzsag, a very organized workaholic, told the Times the source of his attraction: “She’s a Russian Jew who gets up even earlier than I do.” (I suspect that Ms. Golodryga’s stunning looks and smarts didn’t hurt either.)

Orszag told the Times that he “got clearance [to propose] this month from his two young children by his first marriage when the three of them vacationed in Florida.”

Orszag was an economics lecturer at U.C. Berkeley in 1999. His first wife, Cameron Hamill, a Palo Alto native, is a brainy beauty who used to work for the Treasury Department. (A rabbi presided over Orszag’s first marriage.)

Cameron’s mother, Robin Wiseman Kennedy, a Palo Alto attorney, is a member of the S.F.-based Jewish Community Federation Capital Planning Committee and is the former president of the board of directors of Hillel at Stanford. She is currently married to Dr. Donald Kennedy, the former Stanford president. Her ex-husband — Cameron’s father — Dr. William Hamill, is the brother of Oakland-raised actor Mark Hamill, 58, best known for playing Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars.”

So Luke Skywalker is the great-uncle of Orszag’s kids and, I guess, “the Force” is with them — and maybe even a little with Peter Orszag. Lord knows anyone trying to fix the country’s economy needs all the help he can get.

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