Some of My Favorite Posts of 2009 (not 2008 :-) )

It’s hard to believe that soon, it will be one year since I began blogging! Crazy! 

I can’t say my writing quality has improved, or that I have had any moments where I had a great impact. But I can say that I am so, so happy where I am today compared to where I was a year ago.

Sure, I am one year less young (boo hoo 😦 ), and maybe a bit more weary from some of the rougher bumps following this path… yet I am more at peace, feel more in control of what happens in my life, and less confused about what really matters. And I am so, so blessed to have had a great Guy around to share this journey with 🙂

Who knows where things will go, and I do make little mistakes here and there still (it’s hard to shut off the “boyly” attitude sometimes and not take out my stress in weird way!). But I truly feel like I have the means and motivation to be the best girl I can be in every way, and that I am on my way.

Any way, on to some of my favorite posts last year (that I authored, I mean):

  • From Betas to Alpha Men: How Can Women Inspire More Alpha Behavior?  – why can’t women become walking re-frames of feminity, inspiring a return to old-fashioned “me boy you girl” behavior?  Funnily, parts of his post were pasted to a few different message boards out there as a joke.  Perhaps I need to revisit this with the additional thought acumen I have gained… let’s see.
  • Sexiness Can Be Better Than Sex: How Not to Give It Up But Keep Him Trying – My horcrux, my invincibility potion, my challenge, my kryptonite.  It may sound like teasing, but the ability to provide sexiness without actually compromising chastity is for me, the key.
  • The Art of Being All Girl: A Fascination Read – Fascinating Womanhood and Fascinating Girl are the GirlGame books that have the biggest impact on my thinking this past year.  It may be a bit strong on the complete submission to his will side (ie., if your man is about to make terrible mistake, instead of questioning his authority pray to God that something else intervenes). But highly valuable nonetheless, and dare I say empowering – it’s OK to be feminine and traditional.  Don’t let feminist haters make you think otherwise.
  • Jealous Bitches: Fat Bitch in Denial – Not the only type of Jealous Bitch, but the type that I had the most experience with last year.  C-kblockers suck… the mirror of that statement minus the block would be a better use of their time.
  • Don’t Listen to What Guys Say, Listen to How They Act:  Some Guys are Paper Tigers – Any girl who reads the MRA-sphere or PUA-sphere and is alarmed must remember this… real life experience counts as much as, if not more, than the compelling free speech expressed by highly articulate and insightful personas online.  Plus, we all know how guys (and some girls) like to talk allll big right?  Don’t forget it… and don’t overreact (I have to remember this myself).

I leave you with my beauty inspiration of the moment:  her big baby eyes, alabaster skin contrasting with that dark fringe make her absolutely gorgeous! Hipster meets burlesque diva meets fashionista… I tried to copy a girl and I liked it 😉


2 Responses to “Some of My Favorite Posts of 2009 (not 2008 :-) )”

  1. aoefe Says:

    You’re awesome lovely sexy beauty. And also lovely and sexy and beautiful. 🙂

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Aw thanks so much sweete! Well let me just say you are aoefe-ully awesome… by the way, in case you don’t know I read you blog more than you might know… I watched “Ugly Truth” a few weeks ago specifically because of you. I am just so bad about keeping up with commenting… New Year’s resolution to figure out how to use RSS and all that to make it more manageable. I’m so sleep deprived right now I don’t think I’ll even go over to Roissy or LR or InMalaFide until the weekend…


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