From iTunes: Latin Music for Household Chores

This is interesting (un-PC commentary to follow):

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  • It’s obviously targeted at Latin people.  Who have the stereotypes of 1) a culture that is more traditional and macho, 2) working in the domestic business (e.g., cleaning) in the USA
  • The picture choice is interesting:  perhaps to offset any feminist-style backlash, the photo is of the MAN washing the dishes and the girl smiling
  • Yet, the man is a bit more Anglo-looking than the stereotypical Hispanic person.  Many people know there are Spanish speakers who either are white or just look it (“puro Espanol” types).  But this could be seen from the lens of “white guys treat women more equally.” I’ve heard that “American [white] guys are better” comment from women around the world
  • This concept wouldn’t work with Indian people, too much of a culture in transition.  There are pockets of very loud and outspoken “Women’s Rights” activitists, religious extremists who are against anything that doesn’t support some ideal of pure Vedic sexless culture, etc.  Plus, well-to-do Indian women (who would have Apple products) don’t do chores… the hired help does.  And don’t even get me started on how ethnic Indians in the Western world would react… 😉

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2 Responses to “From iTunes: Latin Music for Household Chores”

  1. brightstormyday Says:

    This advertisement speaks for Latinos in the US. Wealthy Latinos in Latin America usually have hired help as well.

    And while Latin America isn’t like India, there are a number of women’s rights advocates and etc. Chavez keeps getting reelected because he appeals to women by saying that they’ll gain rights. I don’t know if he’s actually done what he says he’ll do.

    As for the white guy, he could swing either way–Latino or American. He could be half. He dresses in a way that’s American and he’s fair-skinned, but he could be Cuban, American of partial Mexican descent (I’ve met tons of those that look…American), or Argentinian.

    He could be Spanish.

    We don’t have any one look, lsb. Half my Latino family is dark hair/dark eyed like me. The other half? redheads. And some blondes.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Thanks for the comment! You bring up a few interesting things I’ve noticed through my friends of “Spanish-speaking” descent.

      I am aware that Latino people can range in coloring from “Scandinavian” to “African.” But I would guess that even today, “mainstream” Americans (people not exposed to diversity quite so much) would have a stereotype of the darker, Salma Hayek type of look.

      Funny you mention hired help… it’s always interesting to me to observe how people who are expats from Latin America vs. those who immigrated here, vs. those who “came here back when this part of the US was still Mexico” act.

      My expat type friends would often talk about not relating to the recent immigrant types here in the US – the “border/boat” types. The nth-generation American types seem to overdominate Latin-themed organizations.. and therefore do things like celebrating people like equal rights activist Cesar Chavez… a Peruvian friend always would complain about how the activities organized weren’t really Latin American, more like minority American. I even remember hearing complaints about “ghetto” Reggaeton years ago… not so much any more.

      And then there are the Latinos who have been here for many, many generations… so interesting as well… because they don’t really fit into the immigrant category at all, yet because of their last name and ethnicity people expect them to be. 🙂 (You can probably guess I have spent more time in areas with Mexican rather than Cuban/Puerto Rican/Salvadorean populations…. I think )

      EDIT: Ah, I forgot what I said in the post that you were responding to. OK, maybe the intended audience wouldn’t think the guy is white…because they are aware of their own diversity (probably…hopefully).

      Such a fascinating interesting diaspora… and with all of the socialist elements continues to be interesting abroad as well!

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