What can a girl wear that’s cute to the SuperBowl?? Also… Case Studies of QB Wives

So the Guy surprised me with a trip to Florida to watch the Superbowl this weekend!  Woohooooodatttt!  This is soooooo exciting, a dream come true!  Not a big football fan… actually not a big sports fan in general… but he’s been working on it. 🙂

So I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out what to wear.  My fan apparel is very limited… and not a lot of good options out there.  For a big event like the SuperBowl, would a classier more fashionable look work too?  In the colors of the team we’re supporting?  Something like this for example:

Marchin all the way home
Marchin all the way home by AgentVixxen featuring

(I know it says after party but I’d like to wear it to the game! :-p)

In my search for information on what would look cute and stand out among the bajillion people going to the SuperBowl – in Miami, the land of hot girls no less – I came across some interesting info. on the wives of top football quarterbacks.  3 out of 4 QBs who made it to the championships are married.  Interesting!

Case Studies in QB Wives

Professional athletes, rich, good-looking (even “butHISfaces”), and glamorous are highly sought after by women.  To snag a pro. athlete for marriage is a major accomplishment, usually only possible by the most Alpha of females.  Many pro. athletes, if they even do marry, have affairs on the side.

I came across profiles of Mrs. Favre, Manning and Brees.

  • All wives met their QB hubbies in or before college
  • Deanna Favre knew Brett for about 12 years before they married!  Betcha anything he spent those years playing off the field. She got lucky in a way by sticking by him during a personal lowpoint, after which he married her.  (Health scares and major personal crises seem to push even the worst players to finally tie the knot.  See Diego Maradona and Hugh Hefner for more examples)  http://www.playerwives.com/mlb/playoffs/nfl-playoffs-saints-wives-vs-vikings-wives/  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deanna_Favre#Family_tragedies
  • I didn’t find many details on the courtship of the Mannings or Brees’, but if you look at the girls’ pictures they are pretty but not amazingly stunning beyond belief.  (Despite what many Pick-Up Artists say, it’s not beauty+hotness uber alles for a guy to marry – the girl just has to meet his minimum looks threshhold). Anyway, bonding during formative years seems to pay off among other things I’m sure.
  • Brittany Brees, wife of Drew Brees:  she’s considered to be the hottest Saints wife or something.  Interesting is all I can say… just look at the photo for yourself and decide.  I’m thinking she’s just a case of a girl who was pretty and had a lot of other amazing traits (she seems sweet), in which case, go her!  By the way, he doesn’t talk to his mother…. interesting, she must be the primary female support to him then?  http://www.playerwives.com/nfl/new-orleans-saints/drew-brees-wife-brittany-brees/
  • http://www.yesbutnobutyes.com/archives/2007/01/who_are_they_no.html
  • Peyton Manning and wife are supposedly in an open relationship, which they deny.  Very interesting… is that the one way to keep a particular type of pro. athlete who has so many options?  Rumors abound about athlete wives and girlfriends who do this. The girl gets to stay in the wife position (his #1), and the guy gets what he wants too. I don’t know how girls who accept this arrangement could have the heart for it though… I’d probably kill myself first or just find someone who is a bit more traditionally “one woman, one man” 😦

For comparison, let’s look at some other Superbowl QBs of recent history:

  • Tony Homo – oops I mean Romo, QB of the Dallas Cowgirls – oops again, I mean Cowboys:  unceremoniously dumped faded starlet Jessica Simpson.  I think she really overplayed her hand with him and needs to take a cue from Kim Kardashian about how to not be a distraction to your athlete boyfriend
  • Tom Brady:  played around some years and married more-unique-looking-than-gorgeous supermodel Gisele Bundchen.  Gisele played around a lot before marriage and is aging out of her prime, so she must have great GirlGame, FameGame, etc. (a fellow GirlGamer [girlgame.wordpress.com] who I won’t name in case she doesn’t want to publicize a lot, has commented before about Gisele overcoming not being prettiest through charm – this “common knowledge” she knows through inside info.)
  • Eli Manning:  the other Manning.  Seems like his long-time girlfrield became wifey not long after she sealed the deal… with a lapdance http://www.playerwives.com/nfl/new-york-giants/eli-mannings-wife-abby-mcgrew/
  • Jeff Garcia:  I learned about him from the Girls Next Door show (lol).  His girlfriend is probably one of the top hottest NFL wives.  Even my Guy was like, look at what even a second-string QB can get.  Interesting how his woman still gets jealous tough:  http://www.playerwives.com/nfl/oakland-raiders/jeff-garcias-wife-carmella-decesare/ protectinf territory
  • This is a crazy story, what a maneater chick:  http://www.playerwives.com/nfl/new-england-patriots/bill-belichicks-friendgirlfriendfiance-linda-holliday/

13 Responses to “What can a girl wear that’s cute to the SuperBowl?? Also… Case Studies of QB Wives”

  1. Jesus_Lizard Says:

    If you wear they outfit shown in this post to the game, you will embarrass you guy. While the Superbowl is atypical of most football games, with a bit more of an upscale (i.e. richer) crowd, you should consider pants (possibly even jeans) with maybe a Saints (I assume that is who you intend to cheer for) long sleeve shirt (tight of course) or a polo shirt in the team colors, which could be black. When you are at a football game you need to be prepared for action, which may include jumping up and down while high-fivein, rushing the field to celebrate the greatest game ever, or even a fight with your enemies (the opposing fans). While none of this will happen (maybe the high-fivein) you at least need to convey that you are ready. Good luck.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Thanks JL, that’s great input and advice! I didn’t think about being ready for “action that way… haha. 🙂 Tight shirt or polo… ooh… 🙂 That saves me from being the embarassing “princess” at the Superbowl. (Along with probably a lecture beforehand about why I’m wearing *that* and not the logo’d “gift” my Guy got me. 🙂 )

  2. Firepower Says:

    I came here to leave condolences, discovering you had died from an overdose of lipgloss poisoning and I find out your actually OK.

    i feel so used

  3. salambo Says:

    You mentioned charm – i think that’s pretty important once a girl has gone beyond a level of attractiveness. FeministX mentioned IQ on a recent post – but i think its charm and general intelligence that are attractive.

    Why did Peter the Great marry a lowly peasant girl – remain devoted to her for 30 years – and make her Empress! Peter = Alpha+++.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Interesting. I subscribe to the more commonly accepted idea of Alpha Male as the man who can get the highest number of high quality women. A different framework than what you’ve used, which seems to be about individual choice despite social pressure+esteem of women+living to a certain moral code. Or something like that.

      But I would agree that a girl’s social class doesn’t impact her overall “market value” and ability to secure the commitment of a high quality male in many cases. Depending on how open the culture is to free individual choice, a girl can social climb ahead based purley on her looks and charm. Sometimes only based on charm, which can include the illusion of better looks than one really has (haha).

      Not being from the right background doesn’t have to limit a girl at all, in many cases. Again, not all, but many.

      • lovelysexybeauty Says:

        Ah and about intelligence… intelligence gives a girl the ability to figure out what she should do to achieve her goals. That’s my opinion at least. I also agree with the commonly known notion that a woman’s intelligence is not the #1 or even #2 thing that a man truly is attracted to for a romantic commitment. There are exceptions (genes+environment can cause all sorts of weird pscyh. stuff). But biologically speaking the majority of men just need her to meet a threshold.. and in many cases, not pass another threshold in terms of how she expresses intelligence.

  4. Pickup Artist Says:

    Hey everyone, greetings from Australia. I’m wondering if you have any advice about staying out of the “Friend Zone” with women? Honestly I’m sick of girls telling me they “just want to be friends.”

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