College Boys are Mostly a Waste of Time…Except for the Ones Good at Math

Updated with photos I found of cute shirts 🙂

There’s this article going around about the gender imbalance at many universities.

The New Math on Campus

My initial reaction to the above was that it was going to be about how guys who are good at math are getting all the ladies, since that’s where men are the majority majors:  engineering and science, finance and economics.

First of all, clearly the women who are complaining are probablu not studying engineering or non-biological sciencesOr going for MBAs about 5+ years after school. There are still, to this day, WAY MORE MEN than women in these programs.

And the men in these programs probably do not tend to the player lifestyle unless exceptionally brilliant and whole-brain thinkers.  Studying intensive programs means you do have to spend a significant amount of time in lab and studying.

And if you decide to do other stuff on the side, like student government or run community service organization?  It’s a surprise if you have time to go out regularly at all.

But here is the key that even before I started college (a um, little while ago) that I always knew…

Young guys are not looking to settle down, only play around.  Don’t waste your time thinking you’ll get lasting commitment from one of them.  And don’t play with fire thinking you can play around like the boys can.

The girls who are trying to meet someone in college are doing something expected, which is meet guys naturally.  But really, it’s a waste of time.  Almost none of these guys will be looking to get married any time soon.  Unless these girls want to “practice” their GirlGame or just sit back and observe, if they are truly able to not get emotionally invested, I think they should just go their own way.

But Some Girls Do Want to Get Married Out of College

Many plain jane girls who majored in engineering and science fields (as I did) ended up married right out of school.  That’s right… they found husbands.  They beat “incredible odds” as some of the PUA and MRA bloggers out there might say.

Why?  These guys are usually more focused on learning or on schoolwork.  They might be the frustrated betas of the future that go to the PUA world to find help.  And if they get a girl they are happy with, they might be perfectly fine settling down.

As one of my friend’s husbands told her, “You had better not divorce me because I don’t want to go through the crap world of dating again.”  Yes, very beta to say but the man is happy, and she is a very traditional quiet-natured engineer herself.

And for the girls who worry, “But engineers don’t make that much money!”  Well coming out of school they do relative to other majors (usually) but over the long run, it’s true the salary is usually capped.

You know what they can do then?  Go back for their MBA and hit the big time.  If a girl marries one of these future Goldman Sachs associates, power to her.  If she can keep him grounded in his old values by being that amazing of a wife, then she’ll be OK.  (I’ve seen it done my friends, I’ve seen it done.)

So my advice to girls who do want to marry in college is to work hard to get good at math, and major in these fields.  You’ll find plenty of back-up options in case you can’t snag that future first draft pick jock (if that’s your thing).

And if you end up all alone, you’ll be making pretty good money as a science/engineering graduate.  And you’ll have developed a keen analytical ability which will help you in a variety of ways throughout life, even if you don’t work in your field at all (as I don’t).

That is all.

7 Responses to “College Boys are Mostly a Waste of Time…Except for the Ones Good at Math”

  1. Firepower Says:

    you shouldn’t deviate from your plan and become a nerdette just to land a nerdy husband with wealth potential. That’s not wealth – that’s just a paycheck and “hi tech engineering jobs” will soon vanish to China or India. Stick to your master plan of makeup and thongs and you’ll have great success with future NBA stars.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      LOL… oh Firepower…

      P.S. I saw your comment on Roissy the other day… something about girls rudely not responding… maybe we are just so flabbergasted by your wit we’re like mmm how to respond, wait what did he mean by that um…??? 😉

      (In real life one builds up to the pun and games right… feel it out slowly… 😉 )

  2. PlanetGrok Says:

    Part of your grand plan seems a bit naive. Many women simply don’t have the aptitute for math, no matter how hard they try. The ones that do, are a bit manly.

    But your general idea of finding a good beta provider in engineering school seems sound.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Interesting… I’m terrible at math naturally. Actually I used to be one of the best math students (gifted and talented program with math one of my strong suits) until I “became a woman” physically. I’ve heard that girly hormones actually shape women’s brains to be less spatially oriented…

      Any way, I think girls can figure out ways to squeak through engineering program, mainly by finding mental coping strategies or very, very hard work.

      The math didn’t come naturally to me like it did to others, so I would memorize and actually use my far superior verbal ability to reason out the answers sometimes. (BTW unlike some girls I *didn’t* get one-on-one help AKA free tutoring from my male classmates and TAs either.)

      Even a 3.0 GPA in EE/ChemE/Civil or whatever will get you job. Still have to pass that PE exam though… or, go into another field like I did 😉

      EDIT (90% I edit… so bad): About being kind of manly… I wonder if 4 years immersed in sci and engg is why I feel sometimes sort of…mm…confused about acting girly. I feel very guilty… and judged for it.

      I’m still trying to break the chip off my shoulder when people assume I majored in “business” or “liberal arts.” Nothing wrong with those degrees, but come on now… I feel like my whole life I’ve had to work extra hard to overcome the fact that I like long hair, girly clothes, and talking with a soft not gruff voice.

      Any way… these meds are making me kookyyyy better go…

      • Marc Says:

        Speaking as one of them, I can tell you that most of the guys in these math classes aren’t “good” at it either. The vast majority of the population doesn’t have a natural aptitude for multi-variable calculus, differential equations, or partial derivatives. That’s why it took a guy like Isaac Newton to invent it in the first place, and subsequent generations of geniuses to develop it since then….

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