Job as a Means to Shopping

When the US economy tanked in late 2008 and early last year, I was concerned about my job situation. But not deeply. As one of those seemingly rare (?) people who lives below her means, I have very little debt and a generous cushion of savings. And then I could always dip into emergency investments if needed (the very last resort being Daddy… which I would avoid at all costs because that doesn’t feel right to do).

I was definitely trying to ensure my own stability into the recession. I upped the networking and started paying attention to trends within and outside of my company.

When I was about to lose my job, I wondered if it might actually be nice to have a break. Maybe go back to school. Or travel.

Then I realized what would suck the most about living off savings.

No more shopping.

I am totally serious here. I was like wow… so my monthly expenditures on things like showstopper dresses, organic foods, top-of-the-line skin care, dance classes, and random trinkets would have to stop.

And all of these things would have the secondary effect of making me less attractive; no more good food and good skin care to keep me looking healthy and keep me young. And no more hot dresses to accentuate my assets… which I might lose without a motivational gym membership.

Looking less than my best now would have long-range impacts on the rest of my life.  I would age… possibly get stretch marks if I got fat… and would be less-young too!

That was my main motivation to work hard to find another position. Totally.

Luckily I did find something.

And just today, I woke up thinking about how to put together outfits… how I should style my hair (should I get bangs?)… and booking a pedicure for my winter-weary toes… perfecting my mascara application to get doll-eyed lashes… giving myself a facial and teeth whitening treatment… I realized…

I still work in order to shop. And I shop to look good.

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3 Responses to “Job as a Means to Shopping”

  1. Dylan Says:

    It’s a shame you can’t buy an interesting personality.

    • cindy Says:

      LOL. But don’t you know a woman’s only goal in life should be to be as attractive and “perfect” as possible? Who cares about that personality?

      god forbid, getting fat and getting stretch marks! don’t you realize all those lotions and creams don’t do anything? if you want real results go for lasers like thermage, it’ll keep your skin looking young and plump.

  2. Vincent Ignatius Says:

    I shop like a gay man. Well, I’ve cut down a lot but only because I spent so much last year that my wardrobe is pretty damn good now. I own 4 custom suits and I’m not even out of grad school yet. I’m the guy female friends turn to for wardrobe critique/advice.

    As far as male to female attraction, your personality, face and body are far more important than your clothes, but I understand other women will judge you based on your wardrobe. You’d probably see the same amount of male interest (maybe more) if you cut down on the clothes shopping. To be honest, a girl that puts too much emphasis on clothes tends to develop a bitchy persona that pushes many guys away.

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