Tragedy in a Land of Hot Studs

Chile was hit with a massive earthquake.  The devastation looks to be expansive.

When I think of Chilean people, I think of

  • The gorgeous girl I used to take dance classes with.  This girl was absolutely stunning, with a lithesome figure, bright doe eyes, a lovely oval face, naturally strawberry blonde hair.
  • This guy I used to crush on back when I was obsessed with Rock en Espanol:

I hope beautiful faces like his are OK….

P.S. LSB’s tip for an unknown land of hot studs in the USA:  Jacksonville, Florida.  I flew through there once and the plane waiting area, actual plane, and airport were full of hotttt guys.  I was like what the h*ck?  Is it a Gator thing? 😉

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3 Responses to “Tragedy in a Land of Hot Studs”

  1. Vincent Ignatius Says:

    The women in Florida are much more attractive as well.

    As for Chile, they are mostly Spanish with a bit of Amerindian thrown in. Spanish women are the most beautiful in Europe.

  2. cindy Says:

    of course. it figures that tragedy only matters to you when it affects the “hot studs.”

  3. Firepower Says:

    this guy is SOOO Hawt! he should sell pics of himself for charity – with the pouty face – and all that rubble can be paid away

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