Vajazzle…Special Little Snowflakes Have Spark and Sparkle ;-)

Little late with this, but shout out to Ferdinand Bardamu… one of the awesomest guys in the PUAsphere 🙂

Google My Vajazzle

Jazzle My Vaj

I would call him a must-read… vajazzling no exception! lol

P.S. The title is tongue-in-cheek, in case that wasn’t clear from following the links.  (Although I love sparkles, but in that area, um… I’m all for artful expresssion through adornment of the body, but OK, that’s pretty out there.  Maybe when things start to get boring girls have to come up with new tricks to the keep the guy’s interest up.)

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4 Responses to “Vajazzle…Special Little Snowflakes Have Spark and Sparkle ;-)”

  1. We have TRIUMPHED! | In Mala Fide Says:

    […] LovelySexyBeauty […]

  2. Vincent Ignatius Says:

    This would scare me away. I’d still hit, but probably never come back.

  3. Bhetti Says:

    It’s a fun idea.

    You could make them spell out his name. To say who owns it.


    If it gets out that I said this, my reputation shall be ruined!

  4. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    Haha at spelling out the owner… oh my hahaha.

    Thought over this, and realized I’ve seen ads for it.

    I think there’s a difference between putting sparkles on the mons pubis vs. closer the actual bits.

    I wonder if it’s like the lower back “tramp” tattoes some girls get? Some say it’s so he has something to look while doing things in a certain position… not sure how tongue-in-cheek that is.

    I guess people shape and dye the hair down there, and sparkles was the next step.

    I could see this really only working if she’s dressed up as a Sparkle Fairy or some favorite comic character of his, and putting sparkles and fairy dust all over her body or something. Otherwise it would just seem like overdoing it… I donno.

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