Can’t Gain or Lose Weight

I decided to do a little experiment lately, and eat whatever I felt like for at first a few days. And now it’s been a couple of weeks.

This meant I was eating things like huge servings of brownies, half pizzas, and giant burritos… in the same day.  I feel like I’m averaging 2000-3000 calories per day.

So I’ve only gained about 4-5 lbs.  It’s like my body just can’t put on more weight than that.  This is gross to say but… it’s like I just go the bathroom more.  All the excess I eat comes out.

What is going on??

I would characterize my body as a “slim” Kardashian type right now (very curvy but not quite *that* big).

My ultimate goal is for a Megan Fox or Jessica Alba very teeny tiny but toned body.  So it’s frustrating I keep on plateauing when I’m about 5 lbs. away.

I’ll restrict my calories, zigzaging them to trick my metabolism, I’ll do lots of cardio. and weight-lifting (followed by whey protein as my trainer taught me to do)…

With so much effort, the weight comes off so slowly.  And I tone up slowly too.  Argh.

It’s like I’m meant to be this size, which is slim enough.  But not international-supermodel-class slim.  And I demand more out of life than to be just “OK” slim.  I want to be the best.

I must just have to do a low-carb style Perricone anti-aging diet again.  The pounds really melted off last time I did that.  But I wasn’t happy without my regular fruit and dessert fix… and too much salmon got gross.

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6 Responses to “Can’t Gain or Lose Weight”

  1. Joe Says:

    I’m surprised I’m the first to comment on LovelySexyBeauty’s Giant Poops.

  2. Rebekah Says:

    I use the recipes from Perricone Promise all the time — I especially love the tofu chili recipe (without the turkey).

    I read what you wrote about not eating fruit, and I seem to remember him advocating the benefits of cantaloupe — especially for the skin. My skin always looks so much better when I follow his general advice!

    It sounds like you look wonderful. I hope you’re not stressing too much over calories — I read a ways down your blog and looks like you’re getting married soon. Congrats!

  3. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    Oh, is that the newest Perricone book? I’ll have to check it out! I recall the cantaloupe tip too, along with macadamia nuts. Just taking fish/flax oil has done wonders for my skin… the max. dose seems to help most!

    And thank you… yup I’m very very happily engaged! 🙂 (Wedding planning stuff is just venting 🙂 )

  4. Rebekah Says:

    I’m not sure if it’s the newest book — I got it a few years ago for all the healthy recipes and ideas inside. Fish/flax seed oil is another good one! I take fish oil supplements because I often forget to incorporate flax oil into meals and such, and I agree that they do make a difference.

    Congrats again on the big day and happy wedding planning!

  5. Il Capo Says:

    No, no, no! Don’t restrict calories if you want to lose body fat!
    Eat primal or paleo and only eat when you are hungry. For the last few % points of body fat, reduce fruit intake and add exercise.

    Try this:

    If you are already relatively slim, add some Tabata or other HIIT workouts and ideally some strength-training (trust me: you won’t get big muscles as you lack the most important ingredient for muscle growth: testosterone).

  6. Says:

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