One of the Most Stressful Days of the Year

There must be something wrong with me… I find wedding planning incredibly stressful.

Maybe it’s because we are from different backgrounds, and blending traditions and families has been a difficult task.

Maybe it’s because there is tension between the families which just makes things worse.

Maybe it’s because he and I are both in stressful situations not going our way, and that leave us both wondering why things don’t work out quickly sometimes.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a big show-off personality, and would be perfectly happy with something under the radar (like eloping in Vegas). 

Maybe it’s because the thought of spending thousands and thousands of dollars in this economy scares me… even if it’s really my parents and possibly his parents’ money.

Maybe it’s because I feel like it’s turning into something that’s more for others, than it is for us.

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One Response to “One of the Most Stressful Days of the Year”

  1. LILGRL Says:

    hah! wedding planning is stupid. that’s why i have a planner.

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