Excellent Series of Posts by Butterflysquash, AKA Black&German

Ms.  Butterflysquash began her series and it’s been soooo wonderful to read.  I’m getting so many ideas on what I can do to prepare myself for this next phase in my life. 

And it also feels simply quite good to know there are people in the world that don’t think a girl is a total loserette, brainwashed, dimwitted, despo., etc. for wanting to be traditional and as girly as she wants to be, as I like to say. 

Butterflysquash is incredibly wise, and communicates her insights, observations and recommendations well too.  I feel so blessed to have come across her writings, and to have the opportunity to share ideas with her.  Thank you!

Just some of the wisdom:

On a sadder note, life is incredibly stressful right now, and I’m overstretched.  😦  I just can’t get a handle on it all.  My thinking is very muddled as a result. Even worse, the stress is going to accelerate aging!!! 

So I don’t have any specific thoughts to share on her posts at this time, but perhaps at a later date I will have more depth to what I have to say. 

If you’ve read through my posts, especially these that are written from a place of stress and mental confusion (but not unhappiness per se 🙂 ), I appreciate the time you’ve given to these simple and humble words I’ve written.

xoxo LSB

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