Spoiled Organic: Mainstream Grocers Sell Too Much Crap

I’m trying to save money.  I’ve been spending a lot lately and the expenses are just going to grow, so am trying to use my money wisely.

I’m also trying to save time.  Too many things to do in life, so trying to be strategic and combine activities.

I went to a mainstream supermarket after the work the other day.  Usually I go to more uppity organic ones, Whole Foods is my spot and I go there about 5 times a week probably, to get the freshest of the fresh they have.

like blue pearls... organic ones aren't nearly as perfect looking and a bit more "powdery"

Well the mainstream supermarket had blueberries on sale.  The first time I ate blueberries, they were organic and flavorful.  My taste perception was set from then on what blueberries are like.   I grabbe some.

I also got these great 100-calories guacamole packs that were also on sale.  I thought that would be a great way to control my portion sizes, I can really overdo it with healthy but fatty guac.   These packets weren’t organic either as far as I could tell.

When I got home, I dug in to both. Yech!  I washed the blueberries about 3 times thinking I must have done something wrong in the cleaning process. Nope, they were just gross.  The texture was way off and they were flavourless!

The avocado packs were a little better, but they left a bit of an aftertaste.  They weren’t clean tasting, like avocado with lemon and salt that’s been freshly ground up in a mocalajete.  So it was generally, OK but my palate needed some sorbet or tea afterwards.

Eating these two things reminded me of why I stopped grabbing apples and bananas in airports and streetcorner delis – they are usually so tasteless and cheapo. With uneatable stuff like that, it makes it even harder to eat healthy on the go.

Which means to eat well, you really do have to plan in advance!

Note: I’ve eaten OK produce in the US “interior” as well, where the pervasiveness of organic food is limited – although existent, even Wal-Mart has organics.  Perhaps the ingredients were from local farms or a result of skillful cooking by the chef.

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4 Responses to “Spoiled Organic: Mainstream Grocers Sell Too Much Crap”

  1. Il Capo Says:

    if you want to eat healthy and save, try ordering online. Produce you can get at Whole-paycheck. But meats (the biggest line item if you are eating right) you can get online at much better rates. You need to do a search for grass-fed beef, pork, lamb, etc. and order in bulk. You’ll need a decent-size freezer.

  2. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    Interesting! Didn’t know that… I did a raw food diet for a little while through delivery, that was like Whole-paycheck. I’ll have to check out those options. Thanks!

  3. Il Capo Says:

    Check this out:


    Not the only game in town and not necessarily the best, but a good starting point. If you can get local suppliers, you’d be much better off.

  4. Linkage is Good for You: More Vintage Sensuality Edition Says:

    […] LovelySexyBeauty – “Spoiled Organic: Mainstream Grocers Sell Too Much Crap” […]

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