Weird People Who Try to Start a Competition (esp. on Blogs)

I had a realization recently after attending a great sermon about the importance of following one’s own path, and not the path of any other:

People who try to cut you down are a lot of times really just trying to start a competition with you.  And that is weird because the vast marjority of the time, the competition is nonexistent.

I’ve definitely noticed in this offline life, and didn’t make the connection to online life until recently.

So this makes one wonder… what’s the competition for? Popularity?  A guy? Promotion?  Money? A prize?  First place?  A book deal?  Mass media attention?  Mental satisfaction?  Acceptance from people you respect? “Go girls”?

None of these are real competitions, at least not for me. My only competition was with myself and being the best I can possibly be, by learning as much from the wisdom out there and putting it all together in a way that I can use in my life.

Sure, I’d love to get some blogger award but that’s just not gonna happen while I continue to be as careless and stream-of-consciousness as I’ve been, lol.  It was a great thing to get asked to join GirlGame, and it’s been so great to get to know that group of girls and collaborate with them… but it’s not something I aimed for.

NEWS ALERT:  We are in the process of getting back on a regular posting schedule at GirlGame again.  I think we all got busy/needed a break/ran out of ideas for a while there… Even if we don’t start it back up, it’s all good too.

The classic saying goes:

Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.

It’s interesting and somewhat cool that I have several haters out there in blogland, who enjoy littering blogs with insults about me in all sorts of ways.  Sometimes I wonder if any one bothers to read, and just like in real life, the people who don’t like something more often speak up than those who actually like something.  And definitely far more than those that are neutral.

I am following my path, and you are following yours.  We may want the same thing at different points, but not online.  If you have some information to share with me to help me on my path, that’s great.  But it’s my business to take it or leave it.  Same with my thoughts.  The end. 🙂

(I’m such a dork commenter sometimes when I choose to leave comments just telling people I really enjoyed their post, or certain parts of it.  They probably think it doesn’t contribute anything, but why not?  I try to inject at least something to add why I support that particular idea.  As a blogerette the support is appreciated… for many of us, blogging is a way to find a safe haven online to express our thoughts frankly.)

I am in the process of learning and trying to be as smart as I want to be.  So it’s easy to spot the people who would like to have a fair exchange of ideas and argue certain points for  the sake of clarity.

It’s even easier to spot the small-minded people who are just out to insult for whatever reason.

I disagree with a lot of people on the grounds of ideological differences.  If so, I’ll bring that up without insult.  Who I am to judge.

In this world, only God has the authority to judge the decision, beliefs, actions, and behaviors of any of us.

The only judgment I will choose to pass consciously is on those who judge others. 🙂  It’s hard not to, I know.  Sometimes the gut reaction is more to criticize someone’s life or just put them down as a worthless set of organic matter using precious resources.

But really, it’s not for any of us to judge. 🙂  And that’s OK.

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3 Responses to “Weird People Who Try to Start a Competition (esp. on Blogs)”

  1. Rebekah Says:

    Great way to stay positive! I think everyone runs into people who are mean to them; I also think insecure (“mean”) people target those they feel they can hurt the most. Thick skin is easily perceived, and usually instigators don’t waste their time on such people.

  2. Rebekah Says:

    Now I remember what I was going to write. Perhaps the point of the competition is merely to win. If the other person loses, they win, and this is some form of validation that they need in their life. Totally healthy in the right environment, but when everything becomes a competition, to the point a person is rude and mean to others on blogs of leisure, something is a little sad.

  3. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    …this is some form of validation that they need in their life. Totally healthy in the right environment, but when everything becomes a competition, to the point a person is rude and mean to others on blogs of leisure, something is a little sad.

    So true. Competition is very healthy, but when done in the right way. Nothing wrong with seeking validation in a healthy way, and wanting to test out ideas or theories on others.

    But when it’s just outright mean and gossippy, honestly it doesn’t feel so great. Oh well. Although just today I came across a random blog post referring to me, and unlike before, I didn’t get a little twinge of self-consciousness. I guess I kind of don’t care at the moment. I don’t think I’m a noticeable enough commenter or blogger for most people to develop a strong impression of me.

    By the way, thanks so much for the comment and words of support. Really means a lot. 🙂

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