Wedding Websites…Cheesy, Annoying, and Useful?

Warning:  this post of mine is poorly written and not edited. Apologies!  But no no no time… 😦 If you can give me an extra 4 hours each day I can promise to clean it up. 😉

This Slate article was funnyyy:

Why I Hate Wedding Websites

…”Jane” and “Tim’s” site, on which they treated their impending nuptials with all the pomp that preceded Princess Diana’s wedding. Except Jane and Tim’s wedding won’t just be broadcast live on their special day, like Diana’s paltry event was. In the months preceding their marriage you can watch the Flash slide show that explains how the pair met-cute while rooting for opposing teams during a Yankees-Red Sox game as many times as you want. But that’s only if you tire of the video showing Jane and Tim lovingly washing their dog, Mr. Snuffles.

Hahaha.  Many wedding websites are a bit narcisstic, but they can be full of useful information including:  how the pair met, how they view each other and their relationship, and of course wedding details (as inspiration for your own ;-).

And of course, there’s always the issue of a glossed over picture being presented than reality, for example:

And when someone at your table brings up the story of how the happy couple met, you automatically snort with derision. You can’t help yourself after those hilarious 11 minutes you spent with your roommate and a glass of wine doing a close reading of the official online text. You’ve already deduced that the “friend” who had introduced them was Samuel Adams, and that the time they’d spent “learning about themselves” before deciding to be married involved three or four acrimonious breakups and probably some cheating.

Hahaha…again. 🙂  The funniest can be when you see a couple has been dating a long time, say 5 or even 10 years, yet says things like, “When our eyes met we immediately knew there was something special.”  But it took you so long to make if official, eh? (I’m of course ignoring all the MRA etc. type arguments against why men don’t marry…clearly they do, and they do a lot.  Beta or not.)

I also thought this was hilarious about the photos on a mock wedding website for a popular TV show:

The main page features a black-and-white shot of Tim adoring Jane while she reciprocates with the upturned chin angle that telegraphs true, moony love, taken during the couple’s (extensive) engagement photo shoot. Visitors can choose one of several unrecognizable soft-rock songs while they browse (but no mute button option). There are a grand total of 651 pictures featured—from baby photos to Solo-cup-filled college dorm-room shots to shots of their four—count ’em—engagement parties.

It’s so funny… my to-be and I have been discussing what types of engagement photoshoot we want to do lol.  But more to play during the wedding reception so people have some sort of entertainment during dinner. 

My experiences:

  • I remember being embarassed when asked to provide a photo and bio., which was of course rewritten, for the website of a friend.  I was one of her bridesmaids and she wanted to feature each one of us.  (Other friends I’ve been bridesmaid too haven’t been that bad… except for the “friend” I outright told I wouldn’t be her bridesmaid.  Yup, I rejected a girl’s request to be a bridesmaid, ahaha!  She was a total Jealous B*tch though, of the old rather than fat kind.  I didn’t want to hear her complain about her hubby to-be not meeting the high standards she had always planned to marry.  I cut off that friendship before the wedding… saved money and my mind.  Years later she still tries to reach out to me… I IGNORE.)
  • Another friend’s wedding website went really overboard with the cute coupley photos.  You couldn’t even get to the useful information (wedding logistics) without scrolling through and/or watching a Flash presentation of them.  And this couple also had one of those little features in a very popular American newspaper, which of course they sent out mass e-mails to everyone about along with post on the News section of their site.  Good for them…
  • It’s interesting to see the couples that instantly update their engagement and/or married status on Facebook or send tweet about it.  I’m talking from the altar or honeymoon.  And live photo feeds from the honeymoon?  I think I’m always wondering if we’ll end up seeing a photo that we weren’t meant to… that’s the only attraction to looking at those photos.

Any way, I thought that was funny and thought I would write about it.  I think I’ll stick to a simple wedding website, no details about how we met, our brilliant careers, etc. 

But… I loveeeee pictures and definitely we’re going to do a photoshoot.  I want it to be high fashion or like, Hollywood and/or Bollywood style, it would be so fun.  The photos in this article are from some recent shoots that I like and want to imitate.

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