Best Bangs…Rayanna with Bebe

So I’m pretty sure it’s a very, very little known fact that Adriana Lima was in a Bebe ad campaign wayyyyy back in the day.

I used to loveeeeeeee the serpentine hypnoticism of this picture

Yes, everyone’s favorite sexpot model was the focus of an ad campaign by everyone’s favorite mall-brand sexy clothes store.

Prepubescent... or pre-implants?

I remember this campaign because I made it my laptop screensaver 🙂  And my Iberian fascination was on full hilt so I really liked the campaign too. (And who know Adriana would be my girl… we both save the V card 🙂 )

Well I think Bebe may have found another promising face:  model Rayanna.  This girl has the absolute BEST blunt front bangs I’ve seen on anyone, ever. The perfectly frame her face giving her a wide-eyed sensuality.

I died when I saw this picture back months ago... I was like that's what I wanna be for XMas 🙂 So cuuuteeey sexy

Here you can see how her hair has been cut with a few strategic layers to soften the overall effect of the bangs without losing the powerful quality of its choppy bluntness

She has this amazing combination of adorableness and sexiness.  I think she might be one to watch… I believe she is still with Ford models so let’s see what’s next for this one.

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One Response to “Best Bangs…Rayanna with Bebe”

  1. Bhetti Says:

    Great collection of pics, LSB. She manages to look soft/kittencute in some pics and hard in others.

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