Why Do I Act So Annoying

As a taken woman, I’m not overly cautious about coming across sweet, sexy and seductive.

I do try to be polite and sweet in general.

Sometimes, I act weird and annoying though.  I start treating men as though I’m “with the guys” (the guys meaning the same-age male relatives I grew up with).

That turns me into a very annoying girl.

It was probably cute when I was 14 to act a little tomboyish with the boys, but it’s not cute at 2x years of age.

When I act tomboyish today, I don’t mean about being sporty or taking on dares.

I’m talking more about expressing strong clear opinions on things.

I haven’t learned the art of expression an opinion without

1) Acting like a know-it-all

2) Acting like a butch

3) Sounding like a b|tch

4) Sounding subtly competitive

5) Sounding subtly b@ll breaking

*sigh* I was especially bad with this the other day.  I just started voicing off all sorts of opinions.  I’m sure it was jarring because my demeanor was far more demure.

I’m such a loud mouth sometimes.  I need to shut it up.  Blogging is supposed to get the annoyingness out.  I’m realizing that instead it encourages me to act this way. Especially because I spend so much time on male-oriented blogs.

I need to first figure out how to voice opinions very, very shortly and nonthreateningly.  In the meantime, I shouldn’t voice any opinions.  I should just be quiet.

The effects of acting “manly’ are too dangerous to do every once in a while.  *sigh* I hate this struggle so much!

4 Responses to “Why Do I Act So Annoying”

  1. Bhetti Says:

    How to play it depends on context. I wouldn’t say be quiet… but don’t be aggressive to make yourself heard if it’s difficult to get airspace and you don’t want to appear opinionated.

    As long as you always respect the person in front of you and use the respectful tone: e.g. asking them questions that show you want their input, saying qualifiers like ‘I have a theory’, not appearing to attack them personally.

    If they don’t appear interested in what you have to say, disengage. Sometimes people say things not to discuss their opinion but as a social display.

    I had a book that helped with this: http://www.howstuffworks.com/vsd.htm

    I’d love to go on to read some stuff about neurolinguisticprogramming at some point..

  2. tc Says:

    Too cute:

  3. Linkage is Good for You: Highway to Purgatory Edition Says:

    […] LovelySexyBeauty – “Why Do I Act So Annoying” […]

  4. TheShiningOne Says:

    Women, know your limits! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS37SNYjg8w

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