Wise Comment About How the Value a Woman Brings Absolutely Must Change Over Time (a.k.a. We Care For Warm Loving DIGNIFIED GMa’s, Wrinkly Smile and All)

I’m around, just reading a lot more than writing.  Hopefully some of the ideas in my mind will ripen into creative juice soon.

A quote I think all girls should listen to and consider as they evolve throughout life, this one has gotten LOTS of kudos (emphasis in bold and underline mine):


“Women also pay for their mistakes — just later…Girls grow old, childless and unneeded by anyone. Listened to those fertility clinic ads on the radio. The fiat bankers lie to the girls too.”

True of course, but it’s worth pointing out how incredibly hard our society has worked to make it seem as if these consequences are either desirable or completely immaterial. We don’t teach women to cultivate the power of feminine dignity, because we’ve decided to attempt to give them lifelong sexual power by celebrating cougardom and botox addiction. We don’t teach women the value of family, because we celebrate women who are too “independent” for children while at the same time encouraging single motherhood and consequently, the notion that men & fathers are disposable. The truth is that we’ve gone out of our way to shield women from the long-term consequences of their poor decisionmaking as much as we’ve done to shield them from short-term consequences. We haven’t worked one-tenth as hard to do the same for young men.

The mark of a truly adroit chessplayer isn’t necessarily his ability to calculate variations 20 moves deep, or anticipate and thwart any plan of his opponent—but his ability to preserve and press hard won advantages and convert them among various forms as dictated by the demands of the position. The brilliant chessplayer doesn’t just nuture a material advantage—he converts it to a positional edge, and then a mating attack. More young women need to learn this lesson. You don’t keep your physical beauty forever…but if you can transition and evolve then you don’t have to.

This is the lesson of our grandmothers. My grandmother was an absolutely stunning woman. But long after her looks & sexual power had faded, she managed to keep her husband in thrall to her because she had spent her younger years cultivating the tools she would need long after she was no longer able to cause traffic accidents by just getting up in the morning. In doing so, she extended her power over her husband in a way these aging hags rushing to get plastic surgery could only dream of.

If you make good choices, if you cultivate your personality and learn to value the love of a good man, if you can learn to take your triumphs, defeats, and uncertainies with dignity then you will be less heavily invested in the fleeting sexual power of your youth and able to transition into some more lasting, worthy, and dare I say, beautiful when the time comes.

And for women, that time usually begins around 35 or so—whether or not they want to believe it.

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2 Responses to “Wise Comment About How the Value a Woman Brings Absolutely Must Change Over Time (a.k.a. We Care For Warm Loving DIGNIFIED GMa’s, Wrinkly Smile and All)”

  1. Bhetti Says:

    Oh yes, I enjoyed that comment! Lovely to see your beauty around again 😉

  2. sdaedalus Says:

    This is very true. Charm is a far better long-term investment than beauty, obviously one should try one’s best to preserve one’s natural looks as long as possible, but to place sole or even primary reliance on a depreciating commodity is foolish. Also, beauty can cause as much pain to others as it does joy, unlike beauty, charm never comes with thorns.

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