The Danger of Clinging to a Pretty Existence

They say that girls who are accustomed to the power that pretty brings feel the maturation process hardest.

I’ve definitely seen this with mi madre.  She was stunning, a rare beauty by Indian standards on account of her coloring especially (pics intentionally super blurry and dark).  I hope I’m not making a huge mistake here lol (I hope no comments of “OMG ___ aunty looks so young here!  So ___ why didn’t you tell me you have a blog, you never put that on FB.”):

This is what a 1970s Indian FOB aunty looks like... not. No hair dye, almost no make-up, no coaching in how to dress... but still looked great and elegant. All this from a middle class girl from north India (well OK, family was well connected enough to get her the attention of someone from my dad's side which actually is well-to-do well-traveled since forever etc. etc.). So... I do not get the chubby, frizz haired, sloppy dressed desi foblette chix I see walking in the airport and grocery store in this day and age... when my mom was doin OK back in the 70s??? I mean I see women my mother's age in saris, not that anyone has to wear western dress but at least wear a quality and elegant sari not some busted up paunchai-wali one. Sure I see some recent immigrants that are classy looking too, and it's not a focusing on brains v. beauty thing (grew up with a stunning OBGYN aunty, know other more simple yet still decently fashionable aunties with PhDs too). So srsly, who are these busted up Indian FOBBY chix misrepresenting the race??

Mom’s still lovely today, but needs lots and lots of attention.  Once I realized that she’s used to lots and lots of attention and people fawning over how she looks, giving her extras just because her eyes are as green as these emeralds, etc., it made dealing with her easier.

I was happy when fiance first saw pictures of her when she was young and commented on how beautiful she was, even telling other people about it (unsurprisingly, and with no prompting from me).  I told him to make sure and let her know he thought all those great things too hehe

You see celebrities like Kim Kardashian rush to stave off aging the inevitable loss of their looks with procedures which leave them looking a little… not so naturally pretty.  I think she did a preliminary eye tightening procedure and possibly injected some botox to freeze further lines along with some filler in her cheeks:

Before the prelim eye job, notice how under her eyes it just isn't as tight. Her eyes seem bigger too

Her cheeks are flatter here, her eyes bigger. You rarely see Kim's eyes this big now when her face is at rest - perhaps only when she opens them with wide-eyed surprise. Also note the mild nasiolabial lines, which are now gone.

Squinty smaller eyes, tight mid-face, huge cheeks... she's still gorge but not quite the same. Who knows... maybe she will end up aging better in the long run so perhaps it's worth it?

Her eyes aren't half closed, they're just smaller from whatever procedure she got. And her nasolabials... disappeared. P.S. I still adore you any way Kim!! Just don't do more, please!!

Kim is a mild example but there are worse ones out there.  I hope I don’t turn into one of them… you know, those over done looking women who are so desperate to stay looking good they overdo it with everything…

I’ve been researching the latest anti-aging and beautification information since I was in high school.  My mother instilled in me the mantra:

When it comes to your beauty don’t be cheap, do everything you can.

I visited a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation on how to stop aging around the age of 25 (and was turned away for being too young… the other ones that I went to who were known for being reasonable and not overpushing procedures said the same – they told me to focus on skin care and healthy living which I didn’t like by the way).

On a day like this, Mother’s Day, I guess is when I have to remember what was said earlier this week (the post before this one).  Maintaining onself and beautifying has a place, but working on that inner beauty becomes all the more important later.  And that’s a good way to progress through life too… further along on that spiritual path.

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