Bachelorette Games… and the Truth

 While everyone joined in bachelorette games…


Sample answers given:

Bad breath
Short stature
Bad kisser
Too fast
Ineffective hands
Fat and ugly 
LSB’s answer:  Not confident and not passionate (commentary from the girls:  “SO TRUE” “That’s exactly my problem right now” “That’s a good one”)

Isn’t that interesting?  Apparently women out there struggle with men showing strong “passion” – what I meant by this was, forcefulness and taking charge.  I’m guessing it’s more an issue with the *right* men showing acting more manly and dominant – that’s what confidence often is, right?

 2. Discussing the transition to marriage vs. being in a relationship

Cackling butterface girl (hot body, not so hot face, Rosie O’Donnell b*tched up personality):  “I’ve been telling my husband he should do [side money-making activity] on the weekends.  He always complains about being bored on the weekends, so I told him he should do that and make more money.  He’s so dense sometimes.  HA HA HA.”

LSB thinks, “Oh my goodness, I’m seeing a living and breathing example of what not to do.”

3. Conversation about whose “halves” had checked in

“He’s so trying to tempt me to call him… he just texted saying he did [fun shared activity].”

“When I left my husband didn’t even push me to tell him about our plans.  That’s so annoying!  He should be worried right?  I guess he knows I’ll end up telling him everything anyway. 🙂 ”

“I still have no idea what happened during the bachelor party.  All my boyfriend said was that he can’t tell me anything about Friday and Saturday.  So all I know is they went golfing on Sunday.”  Replies confirming that no one else knows anything about the wild Vegas party except for golfing on Sunday either. 


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One Response to “Bachelorette Games… and the Truth”

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