A Rare Fight… and the Response

She’s flustered.  He seems to be blaming her for everything.  First the critique of her looks, then the jokes about her domestic abilities, and then the criticism of her maturity level.

She can’t take it any more and shuts down.  She decides to ignore her phone; “Leave me alone world!”

Normally, they speak at least once a day, usually twice.

Him:  Are you ignoring me?  It’s annoying as hell.

Her:  Can I just have a one day break please?  Too afraid of what you’re going to say.

Him:  No break.  I’m calling you in an hour.


Note:  LSB = Her.

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One Response to “A Rare Fight… and the Response”

  1. BS Says:

    well, that sounds kinda fucked up. maybe you should talk with him honestly about how it’s upsetting you, rather than playing games. obviously you’re trying hard in this relationship.

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