When the New Girl is Not an Upgrade

On a rare Sunday night out owing to the 4th of July holiday…

Girl:  That chick hates me.

LSB:  Oh no… why?

Girl:  She’s dating with my ex.

LSB:  Aw, well being uncomfortable is understandable.  Is she really b*tchy to you?

Girl:  Yeah.  When I first met her she just walked away. Later I tried to buy her a drink and she flat out said no and showed me her back.

LSB:  Wow, that’s unnecessary.  Does she feel threatened or something?

Girl:  No!  I haven’t talked to him directly in 2 years, when we broke up basically.  I started going out with him when I was 16… 16! It wasn’t that serious.

LSB:  Wait, how old are you woman??

Girl:  Haha… we went out for 7 years.  And I have a new boyfriend now! I just want to things to be cool, you know?

LSB:  Wow that is a while… AND you’ve obviously moved on… she is acting so weird.  You don’t have to be best buds, but at least be civil.

Girl:  I know.

LSB:  Mm… this is going to sound very ‘narky… but I wonder if she’s intimidated by you.

Girl:  What do you mean?

LSB:  I hate sounding b*tchy, but I like to be real.  I mean, let’s all just be real.  Guys judge girls on how they look and stuff.  And well…. you are WAY WAY prettier and hotter than her.

Girl:  OMG you are sooo sweet!  Thank you!

LSB:  Sure!  I’m just telling it like I see it…you are better than her!  She might not admit it openly, but it’s obvious.

The Girl was about a size 2, tall with long legs, long pretty hair, and was dressed in a hot off the shoulder dress.  Wide expressive eyes and delicate features, accentuated by light make-up.

The New Girl was probably a size 9, short and squat, with shoulder-length hair that looked like it was cut by a hedge clipper.  Dressed in bootcut jeans and a halter top that showed off her fat arms, tummy rolls, and b00by-flaps.  Bushy eyebrows that probably haven’t met Mr. Tweezer, Wax, or Thread before.

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6 Responses to “When the New Girl is Not an Upgrade”

  1. BS Says:

    you’re so lovely, LSB.

    have you ever seen the movie ‘Mean Girls’? It would do you a lot of good, seeing as you’re apparently still stuck in a high school mentality.

    (Not that the new girl has any right to be acting bitchy)

  2. Vincent Ignatius Says:

    It has to be a huge disparity for the girls to make an accurate judgment, otherwise a man would have to see it with his own eyes. Most 6s think they’re 8s and think other 6s are 4s.

  3. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    VI- i wonder if you think weight would be one way to quickly assess attractiveness – huge disparities, I mean. Not size 0 Kate Moss vs size 6 Kim Kardashian… more like plus size Lane Bryant shopper vs normal girl clothes shopper. Assuming other variables are mostly similar like age.

    My fiance and I for the first time disagreed a while ago on who of two sisters was hotter. I found it incredible the hook nosed flat chested thin lipped, short haired one (of two very petite girls) beat out the luscious lipped big b00bed penelope cruz hair lookalike. I’ve worked so hard to develop a male eye for attractiveness so I am freaking out… though I am tempted to put up pictures of the sisters and ask for a vote on the roissy female beauty page.

  4. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    I am also tempted to put up pics of the girls in the post with some coloring effects to anonymize… I will try to stalk on Facebook since I don’t know either one just met them that day

  5. Vincent Ignatius Says:

    BMI is probably a good quick way to assess relative attractiveness for girls of about the same age and ethnicity.

  6. Lorri Kaps Says:

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