High School Boys Think My Fiance is Freaking Cool

It’s hard to write about how the wedding process is going because life feels like it changes on a daily basis.

Lately I’ve started worrying more that my fiance is not into me or something.  Quite a change from my earlier worries about him, no?  *sigh* So it goes in the high stakes world of putting on a mega wedding  (not my idea at all, I still prefer to elope in a beautifully stunning bridal outfit with sexy boudouir lingerie underneath … big wedding is to satisfy my parents’ social obligations to their network… it’s an Indian thing).

In addition to worrying that my fiance doesn’t like that me as much, that I’m not hot enough and that his friends don’t drool enough at me compared to his exes… I’m also worried that my fiance’s confidence has been rattled by his recent difficulties.

Just last weekend he got two random girls in the street to appear on camera with him (for a legit purpose). Some high school boys with us just looked at him in awe… it’s kind of funny.  Before that they loved hearing him “neg” me in front of them about how I talk too much, how my b*tt is a weapon, etc.  Silly little boys 🙂

About those 2 girls off the street though that he basically charmed into getting them to appear on camera… he got those 2 girls to participate but only after showing some hesitation about asking. This is something new… usually there is little to no hesitation, he used to be quite caveman in that regard.

Is he getting domesticated? Is being around me and my sweet and shy nature making him calm down his act? I thought this, but after reflecting on some other conversations with him…

He’s doubting himself. His missteps have made him felt he shouldn’t just go with his instincts any more.  His high-risk high-reward strategy of winner take all has been shaken.

I guess he’s more sensitive to any semblance of rejection and/or failure. In fact, I think he’s reading “rejection” into some different things now.

And so it all goes on…

An update on his situation: I’ve seen with my own hands how he’s investing major moolah into resolving the issue. He’s pulling together a team of the best of the best… although when you’re working with people at that level, they sort of choose YOU more than you choose them.

More and more expenses… but it’s OK I guess. Money is a replenishable resource… time is not, particularly quality time that we have forging our future together.

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