Which of These Girls Is Hotter? You Be the Judge

So I’ve decided to go ahead and put up pics. of the girls I talked about in a prior post, “When The New Girl is Not an Upgrade.”

Which girl is hotter? One of these girls is the “new girl” and one is the ex.  I know the pics. aren’t clear, but I hope you can make out the general range these girls would fall in (there are weight tells via general body shape/arms and presence of double chins, and even from this weird angle I think you can make out their relative femininity in terms of of facial features).  So I hope it’s quite obvious which one is which:

So you tell me… is the ex hotter or is the new girl?

Which of these sisters is hotter?  My fiance and I disagree on which one is prettier, and I think hotter (I don’t think the less attractive one has enough “oomph” to overtake the more attractive sister). I don’t think there is a vast difference in how they photograph from how they appear in real life, by the way:

Just so you know, they have almost identical bodies… the girl on the left above (straighter hair) has a bigger bust that you can’t tell from the below since she’s wearing something loose fitting:

My opinions after the jump.

My original post on the hotter ex makes it clear who I think is more attractive. I  mean come on… even with these pics, she is more feminine.  Even if the new girl got a flatiron and a better wardrobe, her fat shapeless body, wide manly face and double chin is not going away anytime soon.

As for the sisters, I think the one on the left (straighter hair, pony tail in body shot) is prettier.  She has a sweeter baby face than her pointy chinned, witch-nosed sister.  I blocked out the eyes, but hers are bigger as well.  My fiance however finds the hook nose chick to be hotter (yes, from the side it’s a clear hooked one).

So strange… the difference to me is night and day.  It makes me wonder if she gives off more pheromones or has a very hypnotic gaze or something… when we saw them both, I don’t think one was dressed that much better as to stand out way more. In fact my fiance and I both looked at their other pics. later so we’ve seen them in a variety of get-ups and angles.  And he claims some other guys agree with him.  So he has an interesting opinion that really makes me wonder about what makes a guy think a girl is pretty.

Maybe more pics. are needed on the sisters?

3 Responses to “Which of These Girls Is Hotter? You Be the Judge”

  1. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    Interesting results, especially about the last two… wish I could get some comments on why the curly haired one is hotter. Is it the musculature that’s evident in her thighs? Is it something in her smile? Curly hair = DTF or something?

  2. Dylan Says:

    Neither of the girls in the first set look particularly attractive. The tall one looks a bit tranny-ish and straight as a plank from the shot youve provided. Second girl doesn’t look as bad as your description of her, but not a beauty either.

    Second set of girls – curly haired one has a nicer smile. In picture one, face-forward, she looks better – perhaps because of the smile or her pointier, smaller nose. Her face shape also looks like its more defined. Straight haired one looks more round faced. More cute than beautiful.

    In profile, straight haired looks better, because sis has that hooked nose. I’d say its a tie, and they both have their assets.

  3. brightstormyday Says:

    They look the fucking same.

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