Giveaway Times… Free GirlGame genre books and tapes!!

Yep by tapes I mean the old school ones… that’s all the Rules Grandmas sold.

Now that I’m getting married and have graduated a bit in the love arts… I’m giving away many of my old GirlGame genre books!


The first person to guest my favorite post on this blog since its inception will get a package of these books.  Don’t worry, just books, no cooties 😉

Whether to laugh or to learn, the winner will get gems like:

  • The Rules collection (be a part of history and own these books and live seminar tapes!)
  • Mars and Venus on a Date
  • It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken by the “He’s Just Not That Into You Guy”
  • Love Smart by Dr. Phil
  • And more…

List your guess in the comments and make sure to fill out the mandatory e-mail address link.  I will select a winner pretty much as soon as I see someone guessed right, and will e-mail that person along with putting a note here.

This contest applies to anywhere in the world… although fingers crossed, the winner won’t be in Antarctica or North Korea, etc.!  (This means all you foreign people, step up the game :-))

All I ask is if by some mistake I left something that can trace those books back to me… please keep the ish private 😉


This post also serves as a teeny update on my last post.

I tried so many times to use my smartphone to write a comment response in the Anger or Abuse post, to vain… as it would never go through.

Thank you to everyone who gave their input.  I really took the time to think over your words, and especially about how I influenced the frame that allowed these types of things to happen.  I have to realize that it’s all about the frame.

Yes, he did such mean things as said I was acting like a b*tch when I got upset that a relative of his would have to crash with us after marriage.  I was more emotional than necessary, but you see… a close relative had died less than a week before.  And I had a housing emergency.  And I was stressed out.

And he did yell at me repeatedly and threaten to abandon me multiple times if I didn’t follow his way.  OK.

But if 90% is good, is that OK?  I think so.

Any way… things are on the up and up. I’m choosing to bear and carry forward.  I don’t like having to feel like the primary breadwinner, but hey… anyone can lose their job in this economy, right?   Especially the higher up you go, the higher the stakes are 😉

9 Responses to “Giveaway Times… Free GirlGame genre books and tapes!!”

  1. lovelysexybeauty Says:

    Oh, just realized that some people may feel a little uncomfortable guessing and then giving out their address… I’d suggest using a web anonymizer if you’re a regular in the blogs I and many others around here frequent. And I would do all in my power to ensure your address is kept 100% private and unknown to anyone else in the entire universe ever. (I can even permanently delete if from my e-mail.)

    There, now you have enough guarantees to seek damages if I don’t protect your privacy 🙂 If I missed anything else, please suggest.

  2. Abhishek Duggal Says:

    I am so happy 🙂
    April 21, 2010 by lovelysexybeauty

  3. Abhishek Duggal Says:

    Answer: Uncategorized

    Being “busy”: not so cool any more
    March 6, 2009

  4. Bhetti Says:

    I even looked through the Uncategorised sections but I couldn’t find a guess that was good enough to post.

    I’ll have another go at some point!

  5. Elisa Says:

    I would LoVe to get those books!
    My guess is post : “So When Did You Guys…”.

  6. la vie onyx aka lsb Says:

    sorry guys…… didnt get enough responses in time so tge winner was the local book donation center (did you know Goodwill takes books)?

    on a side note i feel exxtra sxxxxual these days… feel hot for every other guy i meet especially straight up sxual ones that are really buff and muscular. my first night with hubby to be needs to come already!!!

    also hubby to be thinks i am being weird for wanting to sty in dream hotel for our first night. ok yeah wedding reception afterparty will hopefully go til dawn but for the first time i have dreamed of forever… so what if we are hardly there

  7. la vie onyx aka lsb Says:

    Oh and bachelorette party goal is to get a little more experience with all the thuggish guido ish guys I find hot on a base level that I denied being hot for my whole life out of shame and feeling guilty for having those feelings. Time to even the score with hubby to be who has had hundreds… by the way be experience I mean kissing only.

    Actually ewwww… never mind. How can I kiss a srrange guy like that… and I am not going to date them or something where I would get more comfy…ok ill just feel their muscles and dance with them close… but not too close don’t want to get scared by a pokey thing heeheeehee

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