Effusive Congrats to the Bride… Why??

So one thing I don’t get is why people will go way out of their way to congratulate you at the mere mention of being engaged and/or planning a wedding.

A small congrats is nice, sure.  But when they absolutely gush at you like it’s the most amazing thing ever?  I don’t get it.

I was listening to Cosmo radio on Sirius (yeah yeah I know) earlier this summer.  Taylor the morning host was complaining about not being congratulated enough about her upcoming wedding by the coordinator of an exclusive Hamptons restaurant (who didn’t entertain her desire to lower the minimum price for her bridal shower).

What is this logic?  I don’t get it. Whenever I’ve met an upcoming bride, I’ve usually just smiled and asked if they are excited.

Am I rude to not gush?

Marriage is a beautiful thing but why fawn over the upcoming bride so much?  The feelings should be gushing forth from the couple’s love.


On another note, one thing that gets some guys’ eyes sparkling is talking about your bachelorette party.  I’m certain is the prospect of many young (usually), nubile women out on the town looking for some good, possibly promiscuous fun.

The number times I’ve been asked particulars about where my bachelorette party is, where we are staying, where we are going, do we want to meet up with xyz…. ahaha.  A girl doesn’t need to look for trouble on her hen trip, trouble will find her with no problem. 😉

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3 Responses to “Effusive Congrats to the Bride… Why??”

  1. Bhetti Says:

    There’s a certain vicariousness in that gush, I think, and a form of social communion they’re trying to project. It’s the same crowd usually that enjoys the party more than the long-term prospect.

  2. bsl Says:

    think about all that effort you put into landing a husband. think about all your whining about your wedding and how you couldn’t spend enough money on it. that’s why… i seriously cannot believe you’re even asking this.

  3. Doug1 Says:

    I think bachelorette parties are an obnoxious feminist zietgeist recent invention. It’s in the spirit of “if guys can have a bachelor party (a long tradition) in this feminist age we can and should have bachelorette parties. They didn’t even exist (except as bridal showers differently named in the late 80s) until the early 90s.

    And no, they’re not a good way for guys that run into them to get laid, except maybe the male stripper(s) hired to perform.

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