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Which of These Girls Is Hotter? You Be the Judge

August 8, 2010

So I’ve decided to go ahead and put up pics. of the girls I talked about in a prior post, “When The New Girl is Not an Upgrade.”

Which girl is hotter? One of these girls is the “new girl” and one is the ex.  I know the pics. aren’t clear, but I hope you can make out the general range these girls would fall in (there are weight tells via general body shape/arms and presence of double chins, and even from this weird angle I think you can make out their relative femininity in terms of of facial features).  So I hope it’s quite obvious which one is which:

So you tell me… is the ex hotter or is the new girl?

Which of these sisters is hotter?  My fiance and I disagree on which one is prettier, and I think hotter (I don’t think the less attractive one has enough “oomph” to overtake the more attractive sister). I don’t think there is a vast difference in how they photograph from how they appear in real life, by the way:

Just so you know, they have almost identical bodies… the girl on the left above (straighter hair) has a bigger bust that you can’t tell from the below since she’s wearing something loose fitting:

My opinions after the jump.


Girl Tips from Boy Game: The Social Proposal

May 19, 2010

A post over at Roissy’s (“Second Thoughts“) was about how a particular girl announced her recent proposal on Facebook.  The picture and her caption are particularly illustrating.

The commentary on the post ended up giving me an interesting comparison point – how did I “measure up” when I was proposed to?  Have I rid myself of most unfeminine tendencies or do some still linger?

Skimming the comments, I picked out a few that indicated what was “wrong” with what this girl did, and what would’ve been “right” (which I apparently did do :-)):

Mm….looks like I might’ve passed the test back when my proposal came (listing this out for the ladies who read to learn like me)

Omega Man
“The picture should be a cute shot of the two cuddling joyfully just after the proposal.”

“I might be more worried if she said nothing about it. If she says nothing, is she not really committed to the idea?”
Check… cool. Thought I was being douchette… but I didn’t want to have to call 134,098 people to share the news when the interwebs can do that for me!

“With her reaction being ‘FUN!’, as opposed to “I’m in love!”, or “I’m marrying the best guy ever!”
Check… for the latter type of phrase of course :-) (“Luckiest girl in the universe!!” etc.)

Yay. 🙂
***The way I put up information on my proposal (and love status in general) on social networks isn’t some sort of deliberate attempt at “GirlGame” by the way.***

I don’t try “seem like” a perfect paragon of female love, devotion and sensuality. I try to be a perfect paragon of female love, devotion and sensuality.

Because I’ve worked to balance my feminine instincts and all that is good about girlhood – and am maybe 75% or more good at being fully girly – my natural response seemed to be the “right” one.

Also, the Guy is a pretty good combo. of retired Alpha/character and LTR-minded Alpha/low Alpha/higher Beta/Beta with some Game/etc.

So my passion and feelings for him arise naturally. (In my life I have never had an easier time relating to someone… while never having a harder time controlling myself with someone too, ahahah.)

But… His Temporary Beta-ization  Immediately Post-Proposal
On Roissy’s post about advice to girls, I mentioned an interesting effect that happened post-proposal for me.  It was a surprising validation of what a lot of these Game guys talk about.

Right after the proposal, my hubby-to-be got kind of mushy and emotional talking about how he knew I was the one, he wants to spend his life with me, etc.

Wise Comment About How the Value a Woman Brings Absolutely Must Change Over Time (a.k.a. We Care For Warm Loving DIGNIFIED GMa’s, Wrinkly Smile and All)

May 6, 2010

I’m around, just reading a lot more than writing.  Hopefully some of the ideas in my mind will ripen into creative juice soon.

A quote I think all girls should listen to and consider as they evolve throughout life, this one has gotten LOTS of kudos (emphasis in bold and underline mine):


“Women also pay for their mistakes — just later…Girls grow old, childless and unneeded by anyone. Listened to those fertility clinic ads on the radio. The fiat bankers lie to the girls too.”

True of course, but it’s worth pointing out how incredibly hard our society has worked to make it seem as if these consequences are either desirable or completely immaterial. We don’t teach women to cultivate the power of feminine dignity, because we’ve decided to attempt to give them lifelong sexual power by celebrating cougardom and botox addiction. We don’t teach women the value of family, because we celebrate women who are too “independent” for children while at the same time encouraging single motherhood and consequently, the notion that men & fathers are disposable. The truth is that we’ve gone out of our way to shield women from the long-term consequences of their poor decisionmaking as much as we’ve done to shield them from short-term consequences. We haven’t worked one-tenth as hard to do the same for young men.

The mark of a truly adroit chessplayer isn’t necessarily his ability to calculate variations 20 moves deep, or anticipate and thwart any plan of his opponent—but his ability to preserve and press hard won advantages and convert them among various forms as dictated by the demands of the position. The brilliant chessplayer doesn’t just nuture a material advantage—he converts it to a positional edge, and then a mating attack. More young women need to learn this lesson. You don’t keep your physical beauty forever…but if you can transition and evolve then you don’t have to.

This is the lesson of our grandmothers. My grandmother was an absolutely stunning woman. But long after her looks & sexual power had faded, she managed to keep her husband in thrall to her because she had spent her younger years cultivating the tools she would need long after she was no longer able to cause traffic accidents by just getting up in the morning. In doing so, she extended her power over her husband in a way these aging hags rushing to get plastic surgery could only dream of.

If you make good choices, if you cultivate your personality and learn to value the love of a good man, if you can learn to take your triumphs, defeats, and uncertainies with dignity then you will be less heavily invested in the fleeting sexual power of your youth and able to transition into some more lasting, worthy, and dare I say, beautiful when the time comes.

And for women, that time usually begins around 35 or so—whether or not they want to believe it.

The Original Huntress: The Older Goldie Hawn and Younger Kurt Russell

March 7, 2010

It’s interesting how people never bring up this couple.

Goldie Hawn was born in 1945.  She is the beautiful and adorable mother of beautiful and adorable Kate Hudson.

Kurt Russell in 1951.

They’ve been kicking since 1983.

What an odd couple right? Um, not really

Goldie Hawn seems to be an inspiration of how to be cute and fun into the older years.

Mother and daughter... or sisters?

I bet Goldie would say the secret to looking young is a combination of good cosmetic intervention (make-up to surgery and everything in between)… along with a positive and adventurous attitude towards life. 🙂

Always smile, even if your nasolabials are deepening and your eye wrinkles are increasing!

Aren't they embarassed of such an obvious age difference? Um, no... it's not that obvious

Girl Groups and Boy Groups: Vacation Flirtation & More

March 7, 2010

Whether it’s Spring Break, girl’s trip, a bachelorette party or just another night out… there are situations where a girl will be part of a big pack of girlfriends.

Normally, this would decrease a girl’s chances of being approached successfully, sans c0ckblock.  (And some guys find it overly challenging to b@lls up and approach a big group of girls; most guys are not pure Alpha and are usually a blend of both Alpha and Beta characteristics, so actually do have egos at stake.)

Roissy’s recent post about a fun napkin game he did with some strangers reminded me of an old post on Dating a Banker Anonymous (DABA), about a group of guys and a group of girls successfully hooking up (in the hanging out sense).

Even if DABA is mostly a farce, most girls who understand the power of “hotties in groups” will recognize what was done as effective (and veryyyyyyyy fun).  This is how it’s done.

“We headed to Main Street. There were a few other roving bands of girls, but they were clad in pumps with bare legs and tacky knit dresses.  They had nothing on the snow bunny chic outfits we were donning. “

They made themselves stand out. Location is key; it’s easier to get attention if you are the hottest group of girls there.  If there are many hot girls, say in Vegas or Miami, you have to stand out in other ways.  Subtle differences in dress and demeanor can give that little bit of an edge.  (Remember: it’s all relative in terms of both the mean AND mode of the attractiveness level of all chicks present.)

“First stop, River Horse for dinner.  Promptly after being seated we made sure every other table in the restaurant was acutely aware that we were having more fun than them.”

When a bunch of girls are having fun, they unconsciously send out lots and lots of IOI signals. IOIs are “indicators of interest” signals – the little looks, smiles, laughs with your head back showing your neck, hands dangling near décolletage, hair flipping, straw-stroking, etc.  This type of facial and body language that tells other people, you are open to guys coming to talk to you.  When a bunch of girls have more “closed” body language, most guys are hesitant to approach.


Girl Tips from Boy Game: a sample of female commenters of note last week

February 28, 2010

Here is a quick roundup of a few of the comments made by smart girls in the Gamesphere that stood out to me!

I learn not only from the guys talking among themselves, but also from the women who bring their own experiences and insightfulness to the discussion.

Sometimes other women will be able to bring out that point that one couldn’t quite articulate, or mention a scenario that a girl might find herself in.  And how Game concepts play into them.  Much to be learned this way… 🙂

The below are just a very few comments. It’s a pity there are only 24 hours in the day… and most of them taken up by other activities! 🙂


The ever wise and insightful Alias Clio made an important comment this week which I think reflects the advice given to women again and again, especially those that find themselves repeatedly hurt by the LoveGame.

The discussion was around women being attracted to men who act like jerks or simply reflect the capacity for jerkiness (as I understand the argument to be about).  Alias Clio mentions that women fall for jerks in spite of their jerk qualities.  When probed further, she says:


Missing the Playette but Not Missing the Game

February 20, 2010

It’s interesting when you go from single, to not really single except legally … and soon completely not single (you know…dating, engagement, marriage).

I’ve been on this journey of becoming the best girl I can possibly be, in every way.

I am so blessed to say that my knowledge of how things in life work has expanded so incredibly much.  And good things have happened for me too!  Yay!!  I am soooo lucky. 🙂

Pimpette, playette... isn't it all about hustling yourself?

Something funny happens with success sometimes, though.  With my good experiences and ever-increasing understanding, sometimes I feel like climbing that next mountain.

It’s a craving for the next challenge, to push my mind and thinking and self-awareness to levels I never thought possible!

  • How hard would it be to get a marriage proposal out of a pro. athlete?  Considering these guys have soooo many options, few incentives to settle down, and are in the world of easy money and easier women
  • What would it take to turn a player around? You know… a Pick-Up Artist type.  Or a George Clooney type. Is it really as impossible as it seems?  I bet some players have that little 5% of possibility, where they might want to settle down.  How can a girl turn that into 95%?  (The girl with a best chance of conquering one of these guys needs be 21 and under, but it would be a huge challenge to overcome that limitation…)
  • (more…)

Getting Girl Tips Out of Boy Game: cheating

February 20, 2010

I’ve learned a lot reading about Game.  Below is a very dark and serious example of how I cull out Girl Tips from Boy Game posts.

My personal advice to girls who read about Game is (take it or leave it, no worries):

  • It is important to understand what most guys truly think and more importantly, do;
  • While also understanding how guys differ.  There is wide range of values between the PUA/hedonistic subset and the marriage-minded/family man subset.
  • It helps to learn from both of the above, and adjust accordingly… because Game is reality.  And it doesn’t have to be depressing, it’s just life.  We all do the best we can with how life works.  And life can be very complicated and confusing.

Apologies for stream-of-consciousness below.  It’s more for me to think through my personal theories based on observation and study of others, rather than advice!


Roosh has a post on how to cheat on a girlfriend without getting caught.  I won’t discuss 1) screening out guys who are not truly committed or 2) figuring out if a guy is cheating.  Rather I will address 1) what a girl might do if she finds out and 2) how to avoid being cheated on in the first place.

Some points of interest to girls from the post:

“Obviously I don’t think cheating on a girlfriend is morally wrong, but I do think it’s wrong to bang your girl without a condom and then creep without because you’re exposing her to diseases that could create an uncomfortable situation.”


“Don’t let guilt change your routine. After a successful creep you’ll probably feel guilty for cheating on such a nice girl. You’ll then feel compelled to make a surprise phone call, be more affectionate or loving, or even buy her something small like a chocolate truffle or rose. Resist this urge and proceed with your normal routine because girls can sense when you’re doing something out of the ordinary. She’ll know that you are trying to relieve your guilt, and while she may not automatically assume it’s from cheating, she’ll know you did something wrong.”

I think these two points note something very powerful a girl can do as a countermeasure:  guilt and unpleasantness.  However, it is most important that HE feels the guilt from within. A girl who obviously tries to guilt trip a guy will fail. At best she can invoke his pity.  I have a couple of theories on how to best do this:


Average-Looking vs. Pretty “Alpha Females”

January 30, 2010

 I came across the blog of a self-described Alpha Female the other day.

I think she is very pretty. From pictures alone I can believe she has GirlGame. Further confirmation came when I read about her being recruited to entertain celebrities in Vegas. P.S.  I really like her blog in general, it’s great!


So I decided to Google around for other self-described Alpha Females. Oh. My. Goodness.

I was shocked at how, frankly, average-looking some of these “Alpha Females” were.  Some of these girls were trying to give out love advice too.

I won’t be mean and post their pictures or blog links here. But you can run a search and click through a few of the links to see what I mean (hint: this includes video results).

But… what if a true Alpha Female is the type of girl who can really overshoot her league? I’m not talking about a temporary thing, I mean getting the lasting commitment of a quality guy, despite looking average (if that).

Am I being overly critical here?  These “hot” girls might have good advice but it’s hard to take them seriously when they don’t seem to have the “maximize your beauty” part down that well.

The Less You See Him, the More Phone Games to Play

January 23, 2010

Making things work when a girl won’t be seeing a guy in person often… is hard.

Whether the long-distance thing is permanent or just temporary, keeping both parties happy requires a mental shift.

A friend of mine is a serial long-distance dater, and has been pretty successful with keeping good relationships with it.  (She tends to end up in these situations because she usually dates older successful guys in big cities, including internationally.  She started this habit in college and pretty much continued when she got a job in the same area after graduation; she doesn’t have rich parents who can fund her moving to NYC or London, etc.  More to her story but will stop there for now…)

One of the cool things she does, that I also do, are Phone Games.

Staying in touch during a long-distance relationship usually involves plenty of phone-talking, texting (sexting? yikes), Facebooking, Twittering, e-mailing, IMing and of course travel planning. 😉

Just like when you’re seeing someone face-to-face, when you’re doing the remote thing, you should have fun with each other.

Unfortunately there is no replacement to in-person flirting, but you can do your best with the alternatives.

Sometimes there is a limit to how fun it is to discuss current events, share how your day went, gossip about people you know and share ideas.  Sometimes you realize you’ve talked about everything possible and it’s sort of getting boring.

This is where Phone Games can come in.  They are little games you play on the phone with each other that involve creativity, building imagery, and of course, flirtation too (if you do them right).

  • “How we met”: this is where you make up a story about how you met.  The story can tease the other person about fun or cool traits. (Girls should do this without emasculating of course.).  For example, my Guy made up a story about how I came up to him (yeah right), and that he rejected my offer to buy him a drink… but when I turned to walk away, he saw my badonkadonk booty and decided he needed to get on that ASAP and came running back! lollll
  • I went to the store and I…”:  this is where you name a store and talk about what you bought.  Could be the grocery store, could be the lingerie store, could be the sports store.   If you chose the lingerie store, this can be a FUN opportunity to create some sexy imagery in his mind (at the risk of giving him blue b**ls, oops)
  • The singing game:  Indian people have this singing game, antakshri.  It involves singing part of a song, and the next person has to sing a starting with the last letter of what you just sang (letters are more like sounds in most Indic languages).  My English-ized version involves using the last word or letter.  It’s silly and not the same as the Indian one, but if you both like to sing it can be funny… you can add flourishes to it like the songs have to be about hooking up, country songs, songs by European singers, etc.
  • “At my wedding…”:  just kidding!  Heck no, not recommended. Unless a girl wants to freak him the f* out. If you’re already engaged, maybeeee you can talk about your wedding night or the honeymoon 😉 (Phone seduction style)

Reggaeton guys have so much swagger… amazing how an average guy is like 500% more fun to look at when acts a little thuggish, like in this video.   It also helps though that Yandel looks like a Nuyorican Jay Sean. hehe 😉

Final Thoughts

Girly Girl left a great comment on GirlGame a while ago about making “long-term long-distance” work in general.

If a girl doesn’t want to end up as one of a guy’s “hos in different areas codes,” like a Tiger Woods mistress, there needs to be a commitment, including one of eventually being in the same city.   It’s amazing to me to observe the number of men who are seeing multiple women in different cities.  How the girls allow it, I don’t know other than to think these guys have some seriously mad travel Game going on.  Crazy…

In addition, how you interact “verbally” becomes very important when you don’t see each other in person.  If you have differences that only work out because your in-person attraction is very strong, you need to change up your game to make it work in the absencce of that visual, olfactory and tactile stimulation.  Knowing how to talk, from being a good listener to having a sexy voice, can make all the difference.

Tip:  some of the best advice I’ve heard about talking on the phone, for girls, is about charmingly cute or sensual imagery.  Describing the pretty icicles outside your window, the cinammon loaf cake you’re baking, the almond oil you’re smoothing onto your legs, the lingerie you splurged on from La Perla … all great details to go ahead and share.  PUAs do similar things I believe, if I find a good reference on Roissy I will link to it.

I have more thoughts on all of these things, but will stop here for now. 🙂

xoxo LSB