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Which of These Girls Is Hotter? You Be the Judge

August 8, 2010

So I’ve decided to go ahead and put up pics. of the girls I talked about in a prior post, “When The New Girl is Not an Upgrade.”

Which girl is hotter? One of these girls is the “new girl” and one is the ex.  I know the pics. aren’t clear, but I hope you can make out the general range these girls would fall in (there are weight tells via general body shape/arms and presence of double chins, and even from this weird angle I think you can make out their relative femininity in terms of of facial features).  So I hope it’s quite obvious which one is which:

So you tell me… is the ex hotter or is the new girl?

Which of these sisters is hotter?  My fiance and I disagree on which one is prettier, and I think hotter (I don’t think the less attractive one has enough “oomph” to overtake the more attractive sister). I don’t think there is a vast difference in how they photograph from how they appear in real life, by the way:

Just so you know, they have almost identical bodies… the girl on the left above (straighter hair) has a bigger bust that you can’t tell from the below since she’s wearing something loose fitting:

My opinions after the jump.


Best Bangs…Rayanna with Bebe

April 2, 2010

So I’m pretty sure it’s a very, very little known fact that Adriana Lima was in a Bebe ad campaign wayyyyy back in the day.

I used to loveeeeeeee the serpentine hypnoticism of this picture

Yes, everyone’s favorite sexpot model was the focus of an ad campaign by everyone’s favorite mall-brand sexy clothes store.

Prepubescent... or pre-implants?

I remember this campaign because I made it my laptop screensaver 🙂  And my Iberian fascination was on full hilt so I really liked the campaign too. (And who know Adriana would be my girl… we both save the V card 🙂 )

Well I think Bebe may have found another promising face:  model Rayanna.  This girl has the absolute BEST blunt front bangs I’ve seen on anyone, ever. The perfectly frame her face giving her a wide-eyed sensuality.

I died when I saw this picture back months ago... I was like that's what I wanna be for XMas 🙂 So cuuuteeey sexy

Here you can see how her hair has been cut with a few strategic layers to soften the overall effect of the bangs without losing the powerful quality of its choppy bluntness

She has this amazing combination of adorableness and sexiness.  I think she might be one to watch… I believe she is still with Ford models so let’s see what’s next for this one.

The Original Huntress: The Older Goldie Hawn and Younger Kurt Russell

March 7, 2010

It’s interesting how people never bring up this couple.

Goldie Hawn was born in 1945.  She is the beautiful and adorable mother of beautiful and adorable Kate Hudson.

Kurt Russell in 1951.

They’ve been kicking since 1983.

What an odd couple right? Um, not really

Goldie Hawn seems to be an inspiration of how to be cute and fun into the older years.

Mother and daughter... or sisters?

I bet Goldie would say the secret to looking young is a combination of good cosmetic intervention (make-up to surgery and everything in between)… along with a positive and adventurous attitude towards life. 🙂

Always smile, even if your nasolabials are deepening and your eye wrinkles are increasing!

Aren't they embarassed of such an obvious age difference? Um, no... it's not that obvious

Average-Looking vs. Pretty “Alpha Females”

January 30, 2010

 I came across the blog of a self-described Alpha Female the other day.

I think she is very pretty. From pictures alone I can believe she has GirlGame. Further confirmation came when I read about her being recruited to entertain celebrities in Vegas. P.S.  I really like her blog in general, it’s great!


So I decided to Google around for other self-described Alpha Females. Oh. My. Goodness.

I was shocked at how, frankly, average-looking some of these “Alpha Females” were.  Some of these girls were trying to give out love advice too.

I won’t be mean and post their pictures or blog links here. But you can run a search and click through a few of the links to see what I mean (hint: this includes video results).

But… what if a true Alpha Female is the type of girl who can really overshoot her league? I’m not talking about a temporary thing, I mean getting the lasting commitment of a quality guy, despite looking average (if that).

Am I being overly critical here?  These “hot” girls might have good advice but it’s hard to take them seriously when they don’t seem to have the “maximize your beauty” part down that well.

Brittany Murphy RIP: Victim of Pretty at Any Price?

December 22, 2009

Brittany Murphy died at a tragically young age this weekend.

I like many girls remember watching Clueless as a kid and loving it. I thought everyone was so cool and pretty; Alicia Silverstone as Cher was so charming with her fashionably-attired naivete. Brittany Murphy was the average (or below-average) chubby chick that Cher and crew decide to make over.

I’d say she was a nice and average 4 on the beauty scale initially:

It's clear who looked hot and not in this picture.

"Ugly" Interrupted

Years later when Brittany Murphy came backon the scene, it was shocking to see the transformation. She became hot!  She shrunk to cute and petite size!  How?

I’d say she ended up looking somewhere between a 7 and 8 later on – a whopping jump of 3 to 4 points on the hotness scale:

Wow, as a blonde...!

At a transition point

With dark hair

It may come out that cause of her death had something to do with how she was maintained her skinny mini figure.  Sadly, I think she is an example of how being thin will make you look prettier in your body and face.  (Some minor tweaks can help too – was it obvious that she had plastic surgery?)

You can see how not only her body but her face transformed.  Her features are more chiseled, yet delicate  Her eyes pop more without big fat chipmunk cheeks in the way.

There are rumors that she modified her hair and make-up to her advantage:  a better hair color, cuter cut, and false eyelashes to emphasize the doe look.

See the difference?

Bad photo but you can see the overdone work (lips) and subtle (nose)

She looks petite and delicate like a moonpie, or a moppet.

This is how a girl goes from not to hot. If you hear what some guys say about her, most found her very do-able.

She is an example of how being skinny can completely transform a girl into being pretty – and getting a few extra tweaks can push her even further. She is an example of a girl who jumped SEVERAL POINTS on the hotness scale.

She didn’t accept where destiny was pushing her – into being a below-average chick.  She wanted more.

It takes serious motivation to transform like this, particularly physically.  Some may say going from eating a lot to near-starvation takes nothing less than chemical intervention.  Going down this path can be very, very dangerous; but when you see the physical results like above, it’s hard to come up with a reason extreme measures might not be OK if you don’t go too far in harming your health with them.

Sadly, this doesn’t turn me off in a way… let’s see if I can reduce my caloric intake and up my workout even more. 😦

Hot B-tch Inspiration: learning from a top tier girl

September 8, 2009

A girl I know (who I wish I was better friends with!) has one of the most amazing figures I’ve seen.

She is slim and tiny, probably a size 0 or 2, but soft as well. And she’s quite tall but not at model scale.

Her figure is curved and this girl is also blessed to not be flat – she has some nice little mangoes to fill out that top.

She looks 100% like a model.  She is easily among the top 3 hottest girls in the club based on raw body shape, looks and subtle sexiness.  And in every day life she is absolutely striking.  I’m not sure why she didn’t try to go into the entertainment industry… it might have to do with her man and his influence.

This girl is also the type of girl I would describe as a Hot B*tch.
Hot B*tches are what I would describe as very pretty, sexy and fashionable girls who are very to the point and take “acting right” very seriously.

These girls are perfect to the point of perfectionism: they eat just the right amount, they work out enough to stay hot, they always are well dressed, they just flow through conversations, they have perfectly maintained homes, they are on top of their errands and responsibilities, and everything they do is just right – these girls are in complete control.

Most Hot B*tches I’ve seen get in a relationship and then marriage fairly quickly. I think the supreme self-conscious and self-aware manner in which they are in control and logical makes them less prone to getting lazy or being needy.

From what I’ve seen girls who can be in a constant state of perfection with a man (externally and internally) will tend to get the guy to fall on love quick.

I was stalking her on Facebook… and was surprised by some of what I learned:

  • In college she was skinny but not Victorias Secret model skinny and hot like now
  • She doesn’t have a lot of friends she hangs out with a lot, although the ones she does hang out with are pretty “elite” (good looking, socialites, etc)
  • She may have had very minor plastic surgery on her nose – it is so good I never realized except for a couple of photos and looking at the rest ofher family
  • The guy she is with, although rich and successful, is a nerd! I wonder if he is attracted to her elite coolness an ability to hang out with what corresponds to the post-HS/college “popular crowd”
  • Although a fairly strong b*tchy girl, with her man she is pretty mushy and even shows a lot of sensitivity
  • She became more open about the mushiness after hour proposed (I’ve seen most smart girls do this)
  • Her hotness+mushiness/vulnerability worked so well that her man is ok with her being a housewife after marriage – I guess the b*tch snob act is more of a public thing
  • She works very, very hard to look the way she does
I am trying to copy her workout plan and attitude towards how I look, because I really was inspired.

She works out 2 hours at a time! And pushes herself to the limit when she does.  She works out to the point of exhaustion… and to the point of sometimes getting minor injuries.  She works through the pain.

She spends lots of money on regular hair straightening. I think she may even get lash extensions and lip injections too.

She doesn’t let haters get to her when they say she is too skinny.  I remember when we all went out to HH once, she had like 2 chips with salsa and when someone asked her why she wasn’t eating she snapped, “oh do you want these chips here take then.”. Go girl… Looking hot is more important.

She got laser hair removal everywhere… I’m sure she planned it out in order to manage the growth phase.

Her major free time activities are working out, shopping for clothes, avoiding eating, sleeping and beautifying herself.

When talking to her you feel like you are on your guard… she listens so intently and like she’s sort of evaluating you… but not in a bad way, like in a way that pushes you to be Miss Coolness.

All this got her a rich and successful guy who is happy to let her stay at home after marriage. And he seems happy too, she looks like she stepped out of one of his video games, she is that hot.

One thing she mentioned about working out (she does races) is about beating her lazy mind.

I am going to remember this every time I am tempted to skip my workout, zone out with TV instead of doing a pedicure, eat the whole chocolate cake slice instead of half of it, sleep an extra 30 minutes instead of doing my hair perfectly for work, shave instead of wax, and that other stuff.
With this… I declare this the start to

I am going to spend the next 4 weeks on everything possible to take my looks to the next level!  I’m so excited… it’s gonna be awesome 🙂

Why is Katrina so hot?

February 25, 2009

It’s pretty clear that Katrina Kaif is considered to be smoking hot by the male population.  Why is she considered to be the hottest when there is such an array of hot beauties around?


A few theories:

  • Indian man’s dream combo. of innocent sexy:  Katrina has a very angelic, babylike face coupled with a very voluptuous body. She’s conventionally fair and beautiful.
  • Indian man’s dream ingredient that “she is not like typical Indian girls”:  because Katrina is from the UK, maybe they feel she won’t have the moneygrubbing, uptight personality they associate with most Indian women?  She is with Salman, who at 42 is her age opposite (she’s 24) – the old uncles must be very 🙂 at that.
  • It all starts with one photo:  there’s a famous photo of Katrina with a see through top.  Compared to the dare and bare shock actresses who try to reveal like that on purpose, Katrina’s genuinely seems like an accident.  The shirt is too covered, her pose isn’t very sexy at all, the shirt isn’t even that great.  This is the sort of not-in-your face sexuality that Indian men hope for – the type they can control and that they secretly catch glimpses of.  Early on before she had many movies out, you can see the reaction many guys had to her photo.  (These from a more intellectual site.  Just look at any random message board to see the gutteral reactions of most)

Katrina’s face analysis:

  • Full face – her youth helps here but she’s also lucky, with very full cheeks and roundedness without being fat (ideal oval shape)
  • Peachy complexion – she’s fair for sure, but also very pinkish.  She definitely plays this up with natural make-up (also less intimidating and makes her more angelic and babylike)
  • Full pouty lips that aren’t too pouty – they seem very naturally pouty, but again in an innocent way.  Why innocent?  There isn’t that very slight twinge of effort around her mouth which would indicate she’s trying to make them pouty, nor is there any sort of concentration/emotino in her eyes (which often happens when someone is trying to make a subtle pouty face lip)
  • Dark  hair –  for the most part her hair looks natural. Salman Khan has on multiple occassion’s referred to Katrina’s natural look – that she doesnt use mascara, she doesnt use make-up.  This is very appealing to Indian men and her image of a natural girl – it makes her seem more simple and like a real beauty
  • Unkempt natural eyebrows:  Katrina doesnt have the super arched/scuplted eyebrow look that many Indian women have.  This helps with the natural, babylike look.


Katrina’s body analysis:

  • Buxom – Katrina is quite buxom.  She keeps it mostly underwraps but theres enough evidence out there of their size.  Culture shows that men go crazy over a big set on a woman, and can forgive a lot of other things if she has a big chest. (Katrina doesn’t seem to need anything to be forgiven.)
  • Voluptuous otherwise – Katrina is one of those lucky people who is tall yet petite (small bones/small musculuture), so she doesnt need to be very thin to be small.  So she ends up being quite voluptuous while still being tiny.  Lucky!
  • Smooth skin – most Indian women, particularly northern ones with fair skin, have quite a bit of hair.  I think there’s this hidden understanding that Europeans have less.  Katrina is part-European, hence = no hair.  This is also an Indian guy’s dream (that most seem to accept is a result of intervention by epilation of some sort).
  • Dress sense:  Katrina wears fitted clothes but never, every does she wear anything overly crude.  No push-up bras (since her Boom days at least, after which I think she wisened up to what Indian norms are), no miniskirts. 

More analysis could be done on things like her having a fairly prominent nose, her inability to speak Hindi very well, being with a notorious womanizer (why aren’t more men turned off?), her never admitting to actually being with the notorious womanizer Salman, etc.  To be discussed further some day 🙂

A good couple of contrasts to Katrina would be Bipasha Basu and Mallika Sherawat on the over-the-top sexuality end, and Aishwarya on the generally innocent and traditional beauty end. 

Bipasha and Mallika, though considered very hot, do not top the charts of Indian men’s fantasies.  They are probably considered too bold and in your face, and probably rather threatening beyond just a short term fling.  Guys will talk about how hot they are, but not as many believe either is his/her dream girl.  (Bipasha also has that pesky problem of being rather dusky.  Mallika is fair but not as much as Katrina.)

Aishwarya is considered the most beautiful Indian woman ever, but there’s this general impression of her being a bit untouchable and even calculating.  She was always so high at the top by winning so many pageants, by so many people falling over her, and by her sheer beauty that for many Indian men, it might be too much except to gaze at.  (Lots of Indian men loved her and still do however,  I’m just contrasting.  A future post to come on her phenomenon as well, particularly the idea that the most successful of men desire her the most while normal guys not so much probably because they know they are not a “top man” Alpha.)  Her innocence with never having kissed and even not having a vavavoom figure helped with her innocent look.  When she went sexy for Dhoom 2, it was an interesting change but her reputation is in tact any way.  As for her being cold and calculating, her story of using and dumping Vivek Oberoi is fairly well known.  And then she married the number one bachelor, heir to greatest movie star of all time.  She’s just getting a bit older now so isn’t going to be as popular, obviously.  But she was definitely Katrina-popular at the height of her fame.


Another link that asked for input from an international audience on La Kaif:

Some of Katrina’s recent successes attesting to her numero uno position:

  • Voted #1 in Maxim/FHM etc.
  • Ranked higher than all other actresses including Aishwarya
  • Most searched Indian woman
  • Voted most popular actress in those Stardust and other polls done by the people

(If you wish to dig further you can find the research to corroborate this.)