Jealous B*tches series: The Fat B*tch in Denial

The Fat B*tch in Denial is one of the most annoying Jealous B*tches a girl may ever have to deal with.

Deep down inside these girls KNOW that being overweight is not cool. Instead of spending hours controlling their appetites, picking out healthy and moderate meals, and hitting the gym, they spend most of their time putting together “slimming” outfits (usually in shades of black), carefully photoshopping pictures to put up online, and causing problems for us skinnier ones.

Here are some classic signs of a Fat B*tch in Denial:
* She will never, ever talk about anything remotely related to weight when it comes up. She’ll be strangely silent during groups discussions of workout routines, new diet fads, how amazing Megan Fox looks, etc. She’s the fat elephant in the room and she knows it.
* She spends lots and lots of time online on sites like and Facebook. Her photos on these sites will be very, very carefully picked out. She will often block her photos from being displayed on Facebook, quickly untagging anything that shows how she really looks.  She instead prefers to put up her own carefully selected pictures  that are photoshopped and/or taken from a highly flattering angle. (Additional hint: she doesn’t have many photos up at all, nor she does frequently have new photos like most people who are on Facebook all the time do.) She’ll seem surprised to see photos of herself when it’s clear how fat she is.  Also, she meets a lot of guys online and in fact prefers to meet them online rather than in person.
* If there’s someone fatter than her, she’ll make fun of that person making everyone around her uncomfortable.  She’ll say some of the most cruel things possible, mirroring what she herself knows about herself (“What a fat ugly cow.”)
* She’ll seemingly be in denial of the importance of body size to attracting a mate, and might even argue that it’s not important (but being in denail, she might even agree that weight matters which makes you wonder huh??). Because of her success with meeting guys online, where she uses clever flirting and those cleverly photoshopped photos to entice men into her web of dishonesty, she’ll have false ideas about how popular she is with the boys. This will incite jealousy in her when she’s clearly the odd woman out when she’s out and about in real life.
* Another thing on the online flirtations which are a favorite of the Fatties: she will maximize the time she spends with these guys chatting or one the phone while minimzing actual face time.  To these guys, she will come up millions of excuses for why she can’t meet – usually after agreeing to meet and then pretty much flaking last minute. She knows that if she doesn’t agree to meet it will make it seem like she’s hiding a secret (which she is).  She’ll make it seem more like she’s traveling a lot, is busy with a sick relative, very slammed with school stuff, or even hint at seeing someone else.  So a clue to the boys: if a hot girl online loves to chat, and is really fun to chat to, but somehow has seemingly valid last-minute excuses for why she couldn’t meet, she’s might be a Fatty!

* Also, it’s always funny to note that these girls are usually in long distance relationships with guys they meet online.

* Many of these girls have had moments of skinniness when they got their acts together (sometimes due to pressures from a boyfriend or just getting a clue). They will use the photos from these times to the maximum; you will see random photos from their skinnier days as their new Facebook profile picture from time to time (making you wonder, why is she using such an old photo?).  In addition, most of their photos will be from the chest or neck up.
* Often these girls will have a very pretty face which helps them have moderate success in the relationship world. It helps for those photoshopped pictures since it is much harder to photoshop a face.
* When in public they will get food-anxiety realizing how fat they are, and eat an amazingly small amount of food saying they are “not hungry.” This makes you wonder why she is so big then if she doesn’t eat a lot? Well, it’s all that junk at home they’re sneaking!
* When you meet their ‘boyfriends’ they met online, those guys might bring up stories of how she talked about just recently gained weight the past few months due to xyz reason. And she’ll pressure you as a friend to back up her story as having always been skinny but just very recently putting on some pounds.

How do these Fat B*tches in Denial hurt the skinnier girls?
* They might encourage you to eat a lot hoping you’ll get fat like them. Mm ya, FAT CHANCE lol.
* They’ll find all sorts of amazing faults in any guy that approaches you, saying that he seems creepy, weird, ugly, low class, etc. They’ll try to get others to also agree to put peer pressure on you to reject what might be a perfectly normal guy. They might even make it into a matter of friendship, and act really mad that you are “hurting yourself by doing something so obviously stupid.”  To not seem like a loser-chasing girl or like a girl who bails on her friends for some random guy, you will have to side with your friends.
* Basically they’ll cause a lot of drama so that you don’t have success with men. They may create false stories about you, they may try to talk to a potential love interest and tell him bad things, they may try to make you look bad when you’re around boys asking seemingly innocently about negative thigns, etc. These girls have a well developed arsenal of passive aggressive warfare, and years of being fat and rejected have honed their skills.

Watch out for the fat ones my friends… that big black shadow is more dangerous than you think!

58 Responses to “Jealous B*tches series: The Fat B*tch in Denial”

  1. Default User Says:

    I like this piece. It has a bit of bite. Looks like your time spent at roissy was not completely wasted. 🙂

    This relates more to your “losing Hot Points” post, but there is nothing wrong with a woman showing some spark. Indeed a bit of moxie is very attractive. Once it is not the only part of her personality and her feminine core is intact, it can be fun and enticing.

    that big black shadow is more dangerous than you think!

    LOL 😀
    Consider me warned.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      lol thankssss…. cool so I guess there is nothing wrong with letting the “tigress” out some times? 🙂

      • Default User Says:

        Purring pussycat is nice but a bit of tigress can seal the deal. It is when it is all tigress that it becomes tiring.

        However, do heed Alex’s warning on the other thread. Sarcasm and snarkiness are generally not attractive in anything other than tiny doses.

  2. Alex Says:

    This also happens with ugly girls or even girls who are merely jealous of the attention their friends are receiving. I’ve even had girls that didn’t even know the girl I was interested in scare her away from me due to jealousy.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Oh so true… that needs to be another type in the series, “Jealous B*tch: Random Stranger Pretending to Help but Wanting to Hurt!”

  3. Alex Says:

    Miss Beauty,

    Please write that post! I’ve had this happen to me a few times, but just a couple of months ago it destroyed a potential relationship. The worst thing about it was the jealous girls who sabotaged me knew me, but not the girl I was attracted to, and they got me to introduce them to her!

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Ouch! Sounds like those girls who know you were out to get you or something? What haters… I wonder if you had dated them or someone they knew and were trying to get revenge?

  4. Firepower Says:

    wow, you sure have a lot of competition

  5. Chuck Says:


    great post.

    i wrote a piece a while back about my experiences with a tub o’ lard that fooled me with her photoshopped pictures. if you read, you’ll see that she got her just desserts:

    your points are pretty much exact. one thing along the lines of criticizing chicks that are more obese than themselves, fatties tend to overblow minor shortcomings on skinnier chicks…i’m sure you hear, “are you wearing *that* tonight?” or “OMG, i can’t believe she’s such a slut”. whatever it is, fatties try to level the playing field by demeaning their competition. little do they know, it doesn’t work and we can all see right through it.

    one of my ex’s has both a fat friend and morbidly obese sister. both would pressure her to eat with them. if she didn’t eat enough, they would get pissy or give her a guilt trip.

    also, another reason fatties bring down skinny chicks: that fat girl smell. what the fuck is that shit??

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Hey I just saw this was caught in the spam filter… kind of similar to your other comment but both have good stuff! thx!

  6. Chuck Says:


    i wrote about something similar a while back:

    if you read, you’ll see that the fattie who tricked me got her just desserts.

    one thing you left out, along the lines of fatties pointing out bigger fatties in derision, is that they are overly critical of skinny chicks. how many times have you heard a fattie criticize your clothing choices or talk about a girl being a slut….they say these things as if it levels the playing field for them, but in reality, guys don’t care.

    one of my ex’s had both a fat friend and a morbidly obese sister. both would pressure her to eat with them, and if she didn’t meet their standards, they would guilt trip her and make her feel bad. also, they always ordered Diet Coke at dinner.

    Another way in which fatties bring down skinny girls: that fat girl smell.
    what the fuck is that shit??

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Wow, that story’s crazy!! That girl sounds like she was an extreme case… extremely fat case 😉

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Also LOL about ordering diet coke… with the big cheeseburger extra bacon with fries lol.

  7. Thursday Says:

    Ah, the cockblocking fatty. To be fair though, I have found that other forms of cockblockers are worse. The older friend is by far the absolute worst, but other species include the ugly friend, the alpha female, and the jealous hot friend.

  8. Melina Says:

    Look, I’m all for being slim, and I really like some of your other articles, but this has to be one of the most distasteful, judgmental and downright nasty posts I’ve ever read. Where’s your sisterly compassion?

    Also, you seem to know A LOT about the EXPERIENCE of being fat, down to the last nitty gritty detail. Is it possible that you’re actually obese yourself – or you were actually a ‘fatt’ (as you like to call it)as a kid?

    If you were stop looking down on and stop mocking those women who are ‘less than ideal,’ and instead aim to help them, you’d probably have a bit more credibility.

    Ps; many people are overweight and even fat because of endocrine disorders. I see you haven’t really done your research.

    PPs; I don’t mean to offend you, but you’ve done a pretty good job of being purposely offensive and denigrative to each and every obese woman out there. In fact it’s YOU that comes across as a bitch.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Like the articles on your blog as well.

      I had to reread the post to remember what exactly I wrote.

      My issue is not so much with people who are overweight; one’s weight is a personal choice usually, and as you mentioned in some cases it’s not controllable due to a medical condition.

      What I have problems with are the insecurities that many overweight women have, and how they act out on those insecurities both annoying and also trying to hurt me.

      Controlling one’s weight and keeping it at the desired level is a challenge for many people, including myself. But I think of the jealous b*tches out there, the fat b*tch is particularly annoying because her fatness is such a huge part of her identity and her life. There are overweight girls out there who don’t act out and either accept what they are or are trying to change themselves. Those ones are not who I’m worried about.

      And about helping overweight women, it’s really none of my business to start lecturing others on losing weight and how unless they ask. Some of them are in so much denial that they don’t even own up to that being the reason they don’t get as many guys hitting on them, and chalk it up to, “Well you’re just really sexy LSB.” How can I tell someone well gee, if you’d lose some weight you could get the same reactions too…? That would be the real cruelty.

      And why am I still friends with these types? Despite their insecurities some of these girls have their positive qualities too. So it’s a matter of weighing pros and cons of the friendship. But to much acting out and for sure I will drop that fattie like a hot baked potato (or 2 which is probably her normal portion).

  9. Prashant Mahasagar Says:

    Melina, LSB is a Desi (East Indian) woman. As a Desi man I can assure you that during her childhood and teen years she was mocked and made to feel insecure, like most of us Desis. However, in our early to mid 20’s we start to bloom and come into our own. It is usually not until our 20’s that the opposite gender even notices us (for anything other than to make fun of) We start learning how to dress congruent with the times and doing stuff to build our self-esteem. This sometimes makes us come off as over-confident or arrogant. Arrogance is another trait of the financially successful 20-30 something Desi with a good job and newly found burst of confidence. Her attitude towards fat or otherwise sub-par humans is nothing new.

  10. Rebekah Says:

    “(Additional hint: she doesn’t have many photos up at all, nor she does frequently have new photos like most people who are on Facebook all the time do.)”

    Hmm, and where are your photos?? I’ve not seen picture one of you here on your blog… Perhaps you are hiding something as well. I’ve found that usually the people who are the most venomous about something are the most insecure about the same thing:

    Truly secure and pretty people have no time or thought to tear another person down–especially another person who is already struggling in life. It’s like the kid in school who thinks that if she makes fun of someone else, no one will notice her shortcomings…

    “She’ll make fun of that person making everyone around her uncomfortable. She’ll say some of the most cruel things possible, mirroring what she herself knows about herself (”What a fat ugly cow.”)”

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      You’re right, I am hiding something; my About page explains.

      So Rebekah, are you blessed with a direct line to God? Because I don’t know how else you could claim to represent the truth of the approximately 400 million people of the world who are pretty and secure (if 10% of the world’s population of 4 billion is pretty and secure). You really think that all 400 million of these pretty and secure people wouldn’t make fun of others? Haven’t you met hot b*tches before?

      Jokes aside, the intention of the post was not offensive, if was defensive. Unfortunately many overweight women, or anyone who is low on the social ladder, will act out to gain position. I believe in live and let live, and to focus on the positive qualities of others. However, it would be foolish to assume others won’t try to harm me or hinder my peace of mind. It’s harsh, and it sucks, but it’s reality that has to be accepted (without getting jaded about the trustworthiness of others, hopefully).

  11. Rebekah Says:

    No, I’m not blessed with a direct line to God anymore than you are. However, you’re not the only one who makes observations about patterns of behavior and society, and like you, I was merely passing along what I’ve observed about people who are unnecessarily cruel. My observation is merely that they are very insecure people.

    “Unfortunately many overweight women, or anyone who is low on the social ladder, will act out to gain position.”

    Which reads exactly like what you are doing here in this post, at least.

    So you’re saying the “hot” girls can be mean and annoying and make fun of people, but “fat” girls cannot. Oh, okay, I see…

    And no, I’ve never met a TRULY beautiful woman who is mean and cruel to others. Like you pointed out, only the average and below average women/people who try to achieve some sort of pseudo-acceptance and status, push others down and “act out”. A girl who has it all is much more likely to feel true compassion for someone who is truly ugly, fat, or poor.

    And maybe an overweight person will project his or her insecurities on their friends, as you’ve explained in your experience above. It depends on the person. But let’s be real, we *all* have annoying downer qualities we need to work on, and to single out this group of people and rant on and on about it in several large paragraphs, is odd. You only take a small “defensive” closing at the end to even explain the hardships this has directly caused on your life.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      I agree about all of us having our issues, and things which make us feel insecure.

      Jealous B*tches is a series, and I’ve been planning to write posts about Older Women B*tches, etc. too. I haven’t had a lot of inspiration lately (e.g., recent life experiences with these types of girls – a good thing I suppose!). So I haven’t gotten around to writing them.

  12. Rake Says:

    Funny post. I just found you a couple weeks ago and went digging through some of your old stuff today. Not sure why people are taking it so darn seriously.

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  14. Krauser Says:

    Looks like a couple of commentors want to keep their pretty lies at all costs

  15. azuzuru Says:

    Yeah, most guys have encountered this kind of bitch. Fat or ugly, the effect is the same.

    I’ll never forget an experience approaching a group of four nice girls in a bar. Three were really cute, one was fat and unattractive. The fat/ugly one was was entertaining the group and was the focus of attention when I approached. I opened the group with something friendly, and the fat bitch snarled “What the fuck do YOU want!? We’re talking, go AWAY!” The other girls clearly were embarrassed by this behavior, but didn’t want to contradict her by taking the side of a stranger over their “friend.” I was unable to neutralize her and left shortly thereafter. Later, one of the girls came over to me and apologized.

    Girls like this are radioactive. Most guys with a little game under their belts have had similar experiences. Girls like this can be sidelined, it just takes some practice.

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Dealing with girls who are great friends, but Jealous B*tches in disguise when boys are involved, has been a struggle to deal with.

      I hope a lot of guys out there get smart like you and learn how to sideline these types of girls! I’m still figuring out how to handle them from my end. I’ve tried to just keep them out of any situation that might have to do with my love life.

      Girls can be Jealous B*tches even after a guy gets the number… or starts seeing her. They’ll try to make you doubt him, sh*t test him for no reason, or even break up with him. Too much drama…

      • Azuzuru Says:

        From a guy’s point of view, the key is to address the JB’s root insecurity first. Talk to her, make her feel respected and valued. Often (but not always) this will disarm the JB. Then turn your attention to the girl you’re really interested in.

        JBs behave this way with men in a social setting because they know an approaching guy is interested in one of her friends and not her. It is an unwelcome reminder of her undesirability to men, and therefore she tries to sabotage these interactions.

        I’m not sure about the correct way for a girl to de-fang a JB friend, but I’m sure it’s related to addressing the JB’s underlying insecurity.

  16. jenjen Says:

    Yuck. Fat Jealous Bitches are the worst. I had a “friend” who fits the description of your post to a T, and then some. She was always so embarrassing to be around in public; she was always slinging viper tongued remarks about cute skinny girls ~ complete strangers, of course. I couldn’t take her shopping with me because she felt uncomfortable in shops that weren’t Torrid or Lane Bryant and made rude comments about the clientele and the merchandise (“this dress is ugly, if I was skinny…..”) She would have these dramatic temper tantrums whenever males showed me attention. When she wasn’t doing that, she would try to flirt with my boyfriends, and eventually tried pulling this pathetic crap with my husband! You actually used that, “Oh, you can’t handle a real woman” line. She tried to copy everything I did, everything I said. When she realized she was just a fat misshapen carbon copy of me, but without the attention, she became bitter and resentful. It was so obvious she was jealous. We could have been good friends, she had potential but she let her stupid insecurities get in the way. Like all her relationships.

    The thing is, she KNEW she’s fat as hell (black clothes hide only so much) and it’s obvious she hated herself because of it. She was always trying to convince me and others that she just didn’t eat that much. It was a gene. My favorite excuse of hers was “I don’t even like pork!” WTH?

    She loved McDonald’s and corn dogs and ice cream. She used to eat two tubs of Ben n’ Jerry’s in one sitting. Look, I don’t care if someone has a big appetite. Whatever. But don’t turn around and say you’re only pigging out because of PMS. Uh, huh. This isn’t the only time I’ve seen you this month. I just don’t get it. If you’re going to put in so much effort into lying to yourself and being catty to others ~ oh, and by the way the efforts are all in vain, do they think we DON’t know they’re fat ~ why not exert some self control during meals and get some exercise? It’s the same amount of effort and you’ll like yourself so much better. I don’t think instant gratification is worth being miserable.

    I never understood why she resented me so much. It wasn’t my fault she’s fat. Every now and then I try to make amends and plan to get together. But it just seems like I can feel the jealousy in the air like it’s electricity. I can’t even make small talk without feeling like I’m boasting, in comparison to what her life is like. I think she was hoping that with her sabatoging efforts, I would wind up fat and lonely. But I’m not. She hates it. Whenever I’d confide in her about something that I failed at or a breakup, etc. you could see the twinkle in her eye. I guess misery likes company. She is still fat, moody, still works at a dead end retail job, and lives in her grandmother’s basement at the age of thirty one. It’s not her fatness that I oppose, it’s her shitty atttitude that manifests itself as fatness.

    Who wants to be friends with someone like that? Someone who wants to do nothing but pig out on crap and watch TV all day, bitches at random people, and is always trying to compete (as if) with you?

    • lovelysexybeauty Says:

      Omigosh, your experience sounds almost exactly like some of mine. It’s so hard because for whatever reason, we still try to be good friends to girls lik this. It takes time but then we realize sometimes, it’s just NOT WORTH IT.

    • Lizzy Says:

      OMG! Your story is just identical to mine! She even copied my vocabular my style , my taste in music and even my hobbies (which she really sucked at) she was always craving for attention and fucked up potential relationships with guy , I was so naiëve and thought she really was the kind of friend that I was to her. But as you mentioned , the times I failed she always was there to listen, but the times I succeeded she was not really interested. Even when my father died she didn’t call me or anything and she knew him as well, he never liked her though but she doesn’t know that, I think it was exactly because of her copying me that he disliked her.
      For over 11 years I was best friends with her, eventually I couldn’t take it anymore especially when she tried to bash my boyfriends (now fiancés) reputation and treated him like garbage , slammed doors in his face while he was just saying hello things like that. (I found out from someone she confided in that she actually had a crush on him). For years I didn’t understand untill this year….

      • Lizzy Says:

        Excuse my English, it is not my first language.

      • Mick Says:

        Heh. No worries, your English is better than some people that were born in the US!

      • Stephanie Says:

        Wow. This is so much like my fake friendship.

        The constant jabs, backhanded compliments, scornful looks…and with the excuse of I’m just joking!

        And this for 11+ years because she had good qualities, too. Until one day I saw her for who she was.

        A jealous envious bad mouthin person.

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  19. bella Says:

    I love this and its so true!! I’m 4 months pregnant and I have gained 3 pounds and I feel great! I’m a health freak and take care of my health, I had!! A couple of overweight friends till they started telling me hurtful stuff, like I was starving my child!! And so on! I think they are jealous cause I’m having a baby and can still rock a size 5!! I’m 30 years old! I think I look awesome for being my 3rd child!! My point is if they are so unhappy!! Lose some pounds!!

  20. Nastashia Says:

    I’d like an opinion on this. I’m an obese girl I have no denial of that and even I’ve experienced a similar situation in the past with friends also. But the worst would be my first boyfriend and he was much larger than me, I constantly hindered any attempt I made to lose weight because of his own self hatred, My mother calls his type the “Feeder”. So it’s not just overweight girls, Guys can be the same way too. Thankfully I got myself out of that relationship and I’m getting help with therapy and doctors and my family to lose weight~ I lost 34 pounds already hehe!

  21. Severin Says:

    THANK YOU!! Someone who finally feels the same way I do. My husbands ex and her fat friends had to nerve to judge him for being with me because of our 12 year age difference. I guess they all thought that they could throw their judgements out at me and It would be “A-OK”. It pissed me off because sure they are all in their 20’s but they are all Fat as Hell. Some are just O-beasts. “She” doesn’t even have kids yet and I have 3. Okay how can I have 3 and her have none. I can stay slim and healthy and she keeps packing on the weight with her FAT judgemental self. These FAT chicks need to relize when they throw their judgements out there at other females especially to a skinnier women. The first thing that the skinnier women is going to throw back is, “You Fat judgement b*tch. You have the nerve to judge others and you can’t even stay healthy. Look in the mirror and take that slimming/fat hiding devise out from under your clothes. You aren’t fooling anybody. You look like a riduculous COW.”

  22. anonskinnyfriend Says:

    Hahaha.. so true.. so true. Especially with the whole trying to make you eat or drink a shit ton of calories to make you fat.. “I think you’re too small” we’ll I think you’re obese. Lmao

  23. CPB Says:

    had a friend like that once so i just stopped hanging out w/ her. it really is the only way.

  24. Morveron Says:

    I have to agree with many points on this blog for the longest time in high school I had a “friend” who was very much overweight and incredibly insecure. I was skinny and didn’t have to work at it but very much in my shell and naive. Had I been wiser I wouldn’t have even counted her as an aquantance because she did nothing but openly mock me, hit me and spread rumors around about me.She put me down whenever anyone gave me a compliment and even went so far as to say things like,”well, just wait until you see her in full daylight!” with me standing right there! Finally after a while I’d had enough. I got the sense to get out of what could only be described as an abusive friendship, her attitude changed completely after this. However I’d found a group of friends that treated me right and I snubbed off her excuses for abusing me and have never looked back. I wasn’t the only one who’d had enough of her. Even the other fat friends she used to team up with against me to get their insecurities out of the way turned their backs on her and changed their attitude towards me. she of course went to her last resort as she always did. She tried to say that everyone needed to be careful with her feelings because she was fat and couldn’t help it. She even tried to say that I’d brought the abuse down on me because I was skinny and “in a subconcious way belittled her”. She was even one of those attention grabbing girls that came up with some sort of different ailment every week that required constant pity. As a last LAST resort she said she couldn’t remember hurting me because she had “at-home morphine treatments for her cancer. I told her I couldn’t believe she thought I’d fall for that and to kindly kiss my skinny ass, I haven’t spoken to her since.

  25. natalie Says:

    While I agree with the fat jealous girl description (well, most of it) I disagree with the facebook photo part. Most people, especially women do this. They want the best possible picture up there. Whether they are fat or skinny, it doesn’t matter.

  26. ryehow Says:

    Absolutely true in the part create lots of drama and false stories about you. Wicked in the sense that they strive on people’s misery usually caused by them. Passive-aggresive as in being sarcastic to younger, unmarried, prettier colleagues. Shameless as in trying too hard to garner some attention from the male boss she have strong crush on such as putting makeup during meeting, changing her religion from Catholics to Christian just to be “CLOSE” to him (attend same church), spraying too much perfume, squeezing in mini shorts when she dont look hot just to compete with a very pretty ex-colleague, Gross! ! In a summary, her mean attitude stems from her jealousy that my mini boss generally treats the pretty, slim girl well.

  27. Run! It's the blob! Says:

    Oh yeah..I’ve been at the receiving end of that. A friend who was overweight constantly bitched about me behind my back. To my face she was always a sobby insecure mess so I would listen to her, give her my shoulder to cry on, and tried to boost her confidence by telling her she had pretty eyes, etc. She would claim to be fine with her size and boast about being dynamite in bed and then she used to eat food like there was a famine coming on and at the same time take diet food meant for those going on extreme she would eat twice as much in the name of dieting. She’d make fun of me when I dressed up, laugh hysterically when I’d sing (I have a good voice), tell me I wasnt made for romance and relationships, and try to convince everyone that I looked like a child (I’m skinny but I have curves in the right places). I put up with it because I neither need much attention to feel good about myself and I thought it was her way of getting some male attention which she craves. When I found out about the NASTY rumor mongering I confronted her and was told that everyone misunderstood her. I pointed out that too many people had told me about it so it couldn’t be that all misunderstood. Then she claimed that she hadn’t really meant it and only said it as a joke. She literally begged me for a second chance but I refused. She got mutual friends involved. I still refused. She now pretends to have a major life online. I know through sources that it isn’t true. she also posted an article online that stated how tough it was for her being the fat chick. How people were mean to her. How every guy was interested in her pretty friends. It was all boo-hoo-poor-tortured-me. I laughed all through the article. She totally forgot to add the part about how she was the fat b*itch who back stabbed her friend so that guys would shift their attention to her.
    Another obese colleague would send my photos from office parties to her bf, whom I didn’t know and tell him I was after him. I swear to god, I didn’t even know the guy! Then he’d send her mails back saying he’d never leave her for me. Things got bad for her once he actually believed I was into him and started mailing me at my office id. I asked him WTH? and he promptly forwarded me all her mail and chats.
    I’m scared of fat chicks.

  28. Kelli Says:

    I have met so many fatties that will be mean to you (the skinny girl) but nicer to the other skinny girl b/c of different benefits or lesbian crushes, who knows. My current boss is fat and dresses like a 12 year old emo girl. She used to be nice but now she barely notices me. It sucks because the economy is bad but she is a fat betch and I thought this high school crap would end. I have dealt with this crap all of my life and what gets me is there is always someone much skinnier, but some girls just pick and choose who they wanna bash to feel better about themselves when the Swiss Rolls run out. Watch what you eat & love yourself and you won’t be so miserable!

  29. kellycat2552 Says:

    You are spot on. This two ton beach whale has been after me to tell her my age. I don’t know her that well and refused to give her gossip ammunition. So she went out of her way to find out and then at a club golf outing she got me a cake with candles sang happy bithday and told everyone my age. People were coming over to me that I didnt even know. Ultimate bitch passive aggressive.
    My husband found out and called her up and let her have it. Now. ….a year later she has been stalking me and spreading vicious gossip a out me and my husband. I totally ignore her and its killing her. Any suggestions?

  30. Marlene Says:

    Wow. How very accurate. I have had this experience with fat female “friends” my whole life. They are nice to my face and then, when any man pays attention to me and fatty finds out, boy do her retractable claws come out and I finally experience an aspect of her personality that I never would have guessed she had. They try to make me feel like I should be gutted alive and the man who is interested in me sound like a hunchback. They are almost always quiet and seem nice. Seem is the keyword. I’ve learned that they are usually quiet because they simply have nothing sincerely kind or uplifting or encouraging to say. And they never confess to jealousy, but are ready to attest to an alleged protrusion of spiky horns from the top of my head. Very selfish self-pitying sneaky passive aggressive green monsters they can be. I don’t mistake “quiet” for “nice” anymore. The most striking thing about fatties, in hindsight, is their stellar ability to put on an act of “niceness” and “non-jealousness.” They are very very stealth at tricking people into forming a positive first impression of them. I don’t doubt anymore. I just avoid friendships with fatties/fakers now.

  31. nkdiva Says:

    I stumbled on this article because I was visiting Atlanta today…a chic in.bathroom…skinny of course made a sigh when I came out . Now I am overweight/big girl whatever you. Want to call it…but check this. I zumba three times a week, and.walk 3 miles on the off zumba days…I’ve lost 29 pounds which has only enhanced what God gave me…now I love fashion and shoes,and I love to smell good…so you. Who wrote this garbage can suck a sick one. You are evil and your heart is fowl…that is why you have no man. Try being a friend to a big girl and we May show you how its done. Be blessed and change your damn attitude!

  32. jennifer stewart Says:

    women are the worst enemies to each other jackie collin’s

  33. Hannah Says:

    Hi… Um… I’m a fourteen year old girl who weighs 170 pounds (though most is muscule, I still have a bit of pudge well- everywhere…) I really find this sad and disturbing because from what I’ve seen, those skinny bitches eat more then I do!! I’ve been on a strict workout routine, I’m in cadets, and I’m watching what I eat thanks to my mum. I’ve been like this for four years and I haven’t lost a single pound. Meanwhile all you skinny assholes are stuffing your faces when no ones watching, hating us bigger people, and laughing happily as you go for your half-an-hour jog. It’s not fucking easy for me to go to school and try to ‘hide my fat’ with those black outfits you mentioned. Why? Because there’s always those nameless skinny girls who think they have it so hard. Sort of like you. Now I don’t know about you but very other plus-sized person I’ve met has tried dieting and all that crap for the longest time; some have even tried fasting and ended up with eating disorders!!! So can you just shut the fuck up about people’s bodies and get over yourself? Maybe go eat a few almonds then puke late so you don’t gain any weight.

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  36. download pdf Says:

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    He constantly kept preaching about this. I’ll send this article to him.

    Pretty sure he’ll have a good read. Thank you for

  37. Hate jelous faties Says:

    Fucking hate jelous fat sluts. Everywhere I go I get foul looks from fat ass women I wanna kill them I hate this so so much it makes my blood boil.I hate hate hate hate wanna kill fat fish hole sluts.

  38. The "Ritu" in Me. Says:

    oh wow! the one thing i definitely did gather from reading this post is that you most definitely are a bitch. No doubts about that. 😀

  39. joe Says:

    Wow, im a guy i work with people like this. You are dead on, words are true

  40. Jennifer Says:

    That would be my cousin she’s not that sought after in the dating world so she’ll tell any man remotely interested in me that I’m a drug addict I’m this I’m that. Just to boost her insecure faltering ego

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